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iloveyouu2 Manager 21/6/13
GIBERER Manager 15/5/13
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Registered: 24/3/14
Total Teams: 3
Total Members: 4
Matches Played: 13
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1st Jan Match Cancelled vs Calamity eSports
9th Feb -Jan- joined the PS3 - Ghosts 3v3 S&D team
9th Feb iloveyouu2 joined the PS3 - Ghosts 3v3 S&D team
9th Feb vMorphz_ joined the PS3 - Ghosts 3v3 S&D team
12th Feb Benxo joined the PS3 - Ghosts 4v4 team
6th Mar Challenged Zombie Resistance to a match
10th Mar Defeated Zombie Resistance win 3 loss 0
11th Mar Challenged Renegade Team Never Scrim... to a match
13th Mar Challenged Unknown Team to a match
15th Mar Challenged AQUA Gaming to a match
19th Mar Defeated AQUA Gaming win 1 loss 0
Teams In Organisation
ps3 codghosts4v4 PS3 - Ghosts 4v4 Titan Gaming
ps3 codghosts3v3 PS3 - Ghosts 3v3 S&D Titan Gaming
xboxone codghosts4v4 XBOXONE - Ghosts 4v4 Titan Gaming
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