The Keyboard - Debut

The Finish Line

It is known that gamers are not very passionate about reading much, and often will one experience "tl;dr"'s when posting an extensive article, but keyboards are for a fact one of the most important pieces of peripheral equipment that sadly get overlooked most of the time.

Though looking back at all I wrote about keyboards is more then not just theory-crafting. Because people don't really care about that, I will genuinely try to get as many popular gaming keyboards as possible to review and give them a fair and unbiased rating that is not affected by any affiliations whatsoever, so that in the future gamers would have an easier choice in choosing a keyboard, be it mechanical, scissor or rubber-dome.

In the up and coming reviews I will merge the technical side with useful tests, such as "The Blackmane Test", "Monster Test" and lots more.

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