CGm Report: Redlink vs Blast

Finland Versus France, Who Will Pull The Shorter Straw?

(This match report was written by our Referee Danny "Txy" van Loon - mad props to him)

In the CyberGamer Main League we had the Redlink facing against the top side of Blast. Redlink is the current #1 of the league, with the french side currently #5, although they do have to play 2 more games. It was bound to be a very, very tight and exciting match.

Atte ‘‘Dea’’ Nieminen
Juuso ‘’mosley’’ Ruoko
Petri ‘’Rorz’’ Nurmi
Janne ‘’stubzi’’ Y
Timo ‘’wellie’’ 5
Adrian ‘’Fuckr’’
Ugo ‘’Gh1MMM’’
Peeters ‘’L4mun’’
Florian ‘’Pleymoe’’ Castelli-B
Tim ‘’TIMMM’’

Ready and waiting for us was map mp_crossfire, usually dominated by snipers. The scopes of both teams are wellie and l4mun, both known as great scopes, so sick stuff was to be expected from both. The game started off with the knife round, with teams equally wanting to win the knife it turned out into a 1v1. Pleymoe managed to defeat Rorz and won the knife round for team Blast. Surprisingly they decided to choose Defence, seen by many as the harder side.

The first round kicked off and Redlink decided to start with a slow push on to the B-side.
Wellie got the opening kill but right after that Blast managed to take down four Redlink players and wellie was stuck in a 1v4. At the end of the round, l4mun timed out, but they still managed to win the 3v1 and get the first round. 0-1. The second round was another slow B-push which didn't seem to work, as Fuckr got 2 quick kills through the smoke. Finally the players of Redlink started to realize a quick and swift plant was needed for success, quickly followed by a 3v1 in favor of the Finns,but when l4mun tried to clutch it and got 2 kills in the process, he was left with 10 seconds and a bomb to defuse, he was doomed to fail.1-2. The next two rounds
were just a quick exchange of rounds, making it 2-2 and then 2-3 in favor of the French side team Blast. The 6th
round, TIMMM had a very good spawn, which he used wisely and got a quick +10. Team Redlink had no response to this and a team ace was the result.

Redlink really needed to think of something new, as they were losing 2-4 on the by many seen as the easier side. A quick A-push from both stubzi and mosley was followed by 2 quick kills from wellie and in the last surviving opponent in form of Pleymoe they didn’t find any opposition. 3-4. The following rounds were again just a quick exchange of rounds meaning it was eventually 4-6.

The next round was just another slow B-push from the Finns, which didn't really seem to work for them. 4-7. They really needed to win the next round otherwise it would be a really hard task to come back from. In the last round of the first half l4mun timed out, again. The French asked for a time-out but it was to late. Redlink didn't make any mistakes and the scoreline was 5-7. The French AK Fuckr really seemed to hold his own on the A side well, getting 13 kills in one half.

L4mun timed out, he had about 10 frags.

Teams switched side and now Blast had to attack on the easier attack side.
It didn't really seem to bother Redlink as Dea got a nice +10 smokeshot, leaving it just 3v5.
After the smokeshot he got the finishing kill making it 6-7.

After that round there was some trading rounds between both teams, eventually making it
7-9 for the French. Unfortunately for team Redlink one of their players timed out, so another time-out had to be called. After we had been waiting for quite some time he finally returned and we were ready to go once again!

The next round was a slow B-push for the attackers, but Dea once again getting a +10 smokeshot from café onto the French. This was decisive for the round and they managed to get the remaining 3 players making it 8-9.

The 18th round team Blast decided to do something new, a very slow push with a lot of peaks and l4mun taking out as much players as he could. It worked and quickly afterwards it was 8-11. the French now only needed 2 more rounds and it really showed they wanted to win this match as they won the next one as well. Pleymoe really was performing well that round getting 3 frags on his own as well.

It was clear Blast were doing a better job and Redlink really needed some players to step up and find a way to stop l4mun and his companions. Wellie clearly didn’t want to give up just yet as he got 2 nice opening kills quickly making it 3v5. They didn’t make no mistakes and they won the round. The round after both Rorz and wellie carried their team to win them that round by getting 2 and 3 kills respectively.

Redlink had some momentum going on now and felt the adrenalin raging through their blood.
Blast were seemingly giving away a certain victory and once again called the time-out. The defending French side now had to come up with something new after the Redlink side had designed a nice and quick B-plant. The game was really exciting and I’m sure some players were nervous, as it was a very important match.

After the players had readied up the final few rounds were played. The Finns seemed to have come up with something their selves to anti-antistrat the opponent. They won the round quite easily, making it 11-12.
The final round was decisive. It was a quick push from team Redlink, as they had nothing to lose.
They quickly took out a few players and wellie once again was really important. The defenders didn’t really seem to have any kind of answer and in a 1v5 l4mun had no chance and got taken out. 12-12.

What a tense and exciting match! With some pretty sick kills and sprays and quite a few nice tactics it was clearly a match never to be forgotten, at least not in my eyes.

The aftermath
Because of the tie the difference between both teams is still 6 points, but the French team have played 2 games less. They could get equal on points.

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