CyberGamer CoD4 servers now available

With an increase of activity and some teams not having their own server, our sponsor, Immortal Servers have provided enough servers to be used all around.

Immortal Servers, sponsor of Vita Nova and CyberGamer, have once again stepped it up as they've supplied us with 33 servers. With 18 German servers and 15 UK servers, each ladder match and Pick up game will have their own server. A server will be randomly assigned to each match & pick-up, feel free to make use of these servers.

A couple of months back, several servers were made available all thanks to Immortal Servers however an issue that constantly kept coming up, related to not being able to change the map at half time. This problem has finally been fixed as the Promod team have provided a server-side fix.

Due to the CyberGamer system, we were not able to release the rcon which lead to the above problem. Voting has now been enabled on all servers provided by Immortal Servers which will allow teams to change map at half time.

if you're planning on using one of these servers, the IP and password will be made available on your match page (for a ladder game) and given to all players on the PUG system.

On more of a side note, Immortal Servers now have French servers for sale. Head over to their site for more information -

There's also a FREE server give away as part of the promotion for the new French servers. Check out the following announcement for more info!