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Title:Addicted 2
Game:PC: Counter-Strike Source
Origin: Australia
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My second community movie, been editing it in my free time for
about 3/4 months now, but due to it being my final year of school
i've been busy with coursework and a-levels exams.

This movie really should've been released at a much earlier date,
but due the vast amount of technical problems I have been experiencing
in the last 6 weeks it it was delayed, and due to the workaround
that was needed to complete the movie - the final quality suffered.

THe final product seems a little incomplete to me, and there are a
number of small errors i.e. 9:09 - but ijust really wanted to get
this movie finished and released as it has already taken up alot
much of my time, espicially with the unwanted tech issues.

doc. J
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