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Official Host Thread.
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Official LoL thread to end all LoL threads
How to join a PUG
LF2 Infinite Warfare ANZ Gamebattles
Party up COD RM
Party Up COD RM
Black Ops 1 Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Out Now
Rainbow six siege
Forza Drift pleaseee
Rainbow 6: Siege
BLOPS3 - Pub
Thoughts on Forza 6 ladder
[POLL] Backwards Compatibility - What to replay?
CGXbox - Black Ops III 4v4 OBJ Ladder Reminder/Updates/Important Information
BO3 pub party
CGXbox 4v4 F/A | LFM List
Cyber Gamer - Black Ops III 4v4 OBJ Ladder Announcement (XBOX!!!!)
Resurrection of the Xbox community?!
The tyrants have fallen - Sparky and Poojab the peoples champions
The tyrants have fallen - Sparky and Poojab the peoples champions
4v4 ODC | Saturday, 25th of April | Xbox 360
Xbox One Happy Wars
*NEW* 4v4 ODC | Sunday, 19th of April | Xbox 360
Fifa 15 pro clubs or co-op seasons road to div 1
Selling XBOX ONE
Doesplay Ghosts throwback comp
Need your help with youtube.
Thoughts on who will now play for Optic Gaming ?
Xbox 360 3v3 Mixed ODC Friday 3rd April
SouL Gaming Introduces
XBOX360 3v3 ODC Saturday 28th 1:00 AEDT
[POLL] What Game are you keen for ?!
Getting into competitive gaming ( Call of Duty )
Brisbane LAN April
Brisbane Lan
LFS 4v4
Looking for Dedicated Team Manager
Pick up team brisbane lan
[REMOVED: Non-promotable.] MW2 Challenge Lobby
4v4 Variant ODC Saturday 1:00 AEST
(Help) where to buy.
Hosting Zombies round 50 Xbox One
2v2 S n D AW ODC XBOX 360
Buying new games [Suggestions]
[REMOVED: Authors Request] selling ac black flag code
How much could i Sell Xbone At Eb Games For
[LOCKED] Is claw easy to get use to?
What do you need to take to an ACL?
[LOCKED] Closed
XBOX360 3v3 Mixed Saturday 17th 1:00AEDT
XBOX360 3v3 SnD ODC Thursday 15th 1:00AEDT
XBOX360 AW 3v3 SnD ODC Wednesday 14th 1:00AEDT
Kontrol Freaks
Keeping up to date
CG:Xbox - Ladders Unlocked
X1 - Monopoly Plus
CG:Xbox - Ladder Lock
GTA V someone please help ASAP
Join Bo2 PUG!!!!
AW 360 2v2 SnD ODC Wednesday 2:00AEDT
AW 360 3v3 ODC Friday 3:00 AEDT
LF Coverage Team Members!
AW 360 2v2 SND ODC Wednesday 7:00 AEDT
AW 360 2v2 SnD ODC 5:00 AEDT Tuesday 16th
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AW 360 3v3 ODC Monday 5:00 AEDT
LF1M For the Doesplay Comp Tonight
360 AW 2v2 SnD ODC Sunday 14th 5:00 AEDT

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