Feedback - Sub Section of Graphics and Design
Napalm eSports Team Signatures
[LOCKED] [POLL] My first Gfx Designs
Disastre Logo Feedback - Kursix
Kings Shield Logo and sig CnC (Passion project don't eb 2 harsh haha)
[CnC] Twitter Revamp - Renegades CSGO
[Image] [CNC + Sale] Logo Design
[REMOVED: Abusive] Bootbrah Sig Revamp
[CnC] Banner
Tribal Drawing (Feedback)
(Project Closed)
CNC - Endless Skate Logo
Kursix Logo Design Feedback
[Feedback] Anchor Vector
CnC/ Package for Sale
CnC - Few Designs
[Showcase] Royds.
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Premium Signature FeedBack
Latency by Prism (Feedback please)
Feedback on Dreamz Forum Sig? [File Attached]
I tried GFX! :o
Team Overdose social media revamp
New Avatars for my team
CnC - Website Design
Stream Overlay Feedback
Resent 3d Banners and Twitch Overlays! Feedback?
Anime,Elfen Lied,Lucy Illustration.
Raidenz new twitch overlay! my new style :)
CnC - My first(ish) logo
Underwater 2d YT banner, Feedback Plz
[LOCKED] CnC Re-Brands

CnC - Just some banners
CnC - Basic Wolf/ Dog Mascot Logo
2d Banner Feedback?
[REMOVED: Authors Request] CnC - Basic Wolf Mascot Logo
[REMOVED: Authors Request] CnC - Basic Wolf Mascot Logo
Rapidz sig design CnC
Counter-Strike GO – 3 DGL frags
Used feedback from Henndo and Telliscope to construct this Banner
CnC - Destiny Banner
Just created this YT banner, feedback before I start moving into CG graphics?
Sire eSports team package CnC
Logo feedback
Counter-Strike GO – FragClip
[LOCKED] CnC Linx sig (took 23.297 hours)
CnC Elusive Esports
My teams logo (Opinions?)
[LOCKED] Team AVI's and Logo Fully Customisable!
CnC Logo.
CnC YouTube Banner [Overpowered]
[LOCKED] CnC Computer Part Logo Concept
[LOCKED] CnC Logo Concept
CNC Mascot logo
CnC Mascot? Please!
[LOCKED] Hey All What You Think
[LOCKED] CnC New Logo
[Image] CnC My Graffiti :P
[LOCKED] New Graffiti Thanks To @telliscope
Newest sig (Best yet?) CnC
CnC sig for Colouurz
Hello Cybergamers!
CnC Profile Banner :)
CnC Banner For my new Editing/GFX Team
List of my new GFX work CnC please.
CnC Logo Please!!
CnC Please
[LOCKED] CnC Team logo :D
CnC Custom Sig Design
[REMOVED: Inappropriate] CnC: Battle Off - The Jesus Of CG
[REMOVED: Inappropriate Content] Does anyone like my sig?? + FREE SIGS
[LOCKED] CnC logo Please
[REMOVED: Authors Request] Fluxiom Designs - Feedback
CnC #2 A new logo for a team [File Attached]
[LOCKED] CnC Please
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