Starcraft 2 Teams
[SEA] List of Clans
LFT & 2v2, 4v4
Ronin Esports is Looking for Starcraft 2 Player/s
Introducing Vox Eminor MightyKiwi!
Zealot Gaming, Multiplayer Gaming is Recruiting
The Older Gamers | Always open to new members
LtK-Gaming Australia - Recruiting SC2 Player/s
Fragment eSports LF SC2 Player/s
Diamond player looking for team server :south east asia
LF clan
Looking for a clan or team
Atlas Gaming [File Attached]
Sc 2 battles
LF coach
(IXL) Ninth Legion is recruiting! Clan ladder and tournaments, BSG teams, $$ Prizes, all leagues welcome.
Phoenix e-sports Member Announcement and Recruiting
Introducing Seraphic Nexus Starcraft 2 Division
Total Influence eSports Recruiting SEA GM SC2 1v1 Player.
Introducing Xeria Gaming!
BEARZ. Org Recruiting SC2 Team
Looking for a 2v2 partner.
imPervius E-sports is Recruiting for 1v1 and 2v2 players
Anyone wana play some sc2
Teknicity SC2 Team
Team Havic Now Recruiting
Looking for 2v2 Partner
AM - Relentless Heroes Recruiting!
BSG Team interest?
Come play some SC2 GAIS
lf a 1v1 and or 2v2 partner
Terran/Zerg player LF 1v1 team
looking for some1 to play with
Friends list
BSG clanleague/clans?
Stimulus Gaming is recruiting!!!!!!
AEF recruiting players - Now with SC2!
Mass Hysteria # Recruiting
Looking for a few people to play with.
Looking for a 2v2 Starcraft 2 team.
[CW] iCHOR vs. Terror Australis
Cobra Gaming Network Recruiting SC2
Recruiting for NWW team
Looking for 3v3 player (Diamond +ish)
Starcraft 2 Query
The Art of Warfare (TAW) is recruiting mature players for our StarCraft Team
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