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Dota 2 League
New League
Bring Back CG Poll
Top 5 Awesome Rampage Compilation EP 1
[ANNOUNCMENT] DOTA2 to be closed on CG
Dendi vs Miracle -- Same ~No mercy
w33 ~ 1st invoker on the world ?
Auckland CBD: Dota2 Friday Night Bash $8 for 8hrs
looking for scrim
Looking for a Pos 2 4k+
Melbourne's Premium TI6 Pubstomp @ Crown Casino's Sports Bar! [File Attached]
Oceanic DotA League (Online Tournament)
I97's New Dota 2 Tourney
CGa / CGm Finals
Team furoX new dota 2 team.
LF stand in for CGa finals on Saturday 2nd of July
Result of SL i-League AU Division
Looking for staff for eSports events
Oceanic Dota League Announcment
LF Scrims
Arrow eSports (Looking for DOTA 2 Team)
Looking for any good gameplay footage
Help out a fellow dota 2 player
Freelance caster here looking for some casting
TeamSkyfire acquire former RoversEsports
Searching for Casters and more members for 97 Tournament
Dota2: Looking for ShoutCasters
AMD Pro Leagues Week One
AMD Pro League CGa Signups
Sunday 30th 6-8pm AET Scrms
Aus Scrims
AMD Pro League Divisions
Aus Ranked MMR
Looking for team logos!
AMD Dota2 Pro League Tickets
AMD Pro Leagues - 1st Qualified Teams
Problem with looking for friends to make my team
Season 1 Ladder Lock and finals information for CGo
AMD DOTA2 Pro League Announcment
Announcing Team CypheR Dota 2
Open Ladder finals - Match 2 & 3 TONIGHT 830PM - 1030PM - Cast by Clutch Studio
Open Ladder finals - Match 1: LGN vs Pauling 4head - Cast by Clutch Studio
Open Ladder Finals
AMD Pro League Qualifier Information
Recruiting for CyberGamer Amateur Competition
[LOCKED] Treasure Simulator Dota 2
TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT | The final matches of the CyberGamer Dota 2 ladder! 8.30PM START
[Clutch Studio] 8PM START | GET HYPED! 2 Matches! Little Boys Vs. Dangerzone v2 and Team InVidious Vs. Team Aspyre
[Clutch Studio] an EPIC match 7.30PM tonight between Pauling 4head Vs. Tyrant Esports Club
[Clutch Studio] presents We Dem Boyz Vs. Paragon Esports - 730pm TONIGHT!
Clutch Gaming NZ is no more! Introducing Clutch Studios!
[Clutch Studio] presents Pauling 4head Vs. Salt Can't Melt Steel Beams 7PM TONIGHT!
[Clutch Gaming NZ] Frantic Friday! Starting 8.15PM AET - 1v1 followed by Heroes of Lumby vs Future Ancients, and then Tyrant...
[Clutch Gaming NZ] presents DOUBLE MATCH NIGHT :: Rovers Esport Club vs Plan B - 8.30PM & Paragon Esports vs Passive Aggressi...
DotA2 Returns to CyberGamer
[Clutch Gaming NZ] presents Tyrant Esports Vs. Dangerzone v2 - 7PM TONIGHT!
[Clutch Gaming NZ] presents LGN Vs. Little Boys - 8.30PM TONIGHT!
The Real Australian & New Zealand Scrim Chat [GOSU]
[Clutch Gaming NZ] presents DOUBLE MATCH NIGHT :: LGN Vs. Team Paradis3 - 8PM & Little Boys Vs. Team Aspyre - 9.30PM
[Clutch Gaming NZ] presents Plan B Vs. The Future Ancients - 8pm TONIGHT!
[Clutch Gaming NZ] presents LGN Vs. Team Paradis3 - 7PM AND Rovers Esports Club vs Paragon Esports - 8.30PM TONIGHT!
[Clutch Gaming NZ] presents Dangerzone v2 Vs. Passive Agressive Warriors - 8pm TONIGHT!
Competitive DOTA2 LAN - Sydney March 19th
ClutchNZ - Dota2 Commentary
Want your Ladder match or Scrim casted and promoted?
[Info] Player Verification (steam names) Deadline is Feb 8th!
FAQ Thread
KTO eSports Organisation - JAN News
Dota 2 Open Ladder Opens Tomorrow! [File Attached]
4.5-5k Offlane LFT
How does this game play ?
Looking for team, like playing position 1,2,3. Mainly MID
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