DOTA2 Tournaments
Caster/streamer looking for work
I want to cast some games
MC Internet Cafe DOTA2 One Day LAN - 26th of October
IJK Corsair 3rd Annual Battlegrounds Tournament Rules Page.
CGA Finals (Last Stage) results thread
NEW Tournament
Public Clutch Cup - DOTA2 ODC [October]
Unreal Aussies Touranment
CGA Finals Stage 1 Results Page
Australian E-Sports' end of August Amateur Smackdown is on!
Due to popular demand - Australian E-Sports' August 4200+ MMR Championship!
The Barracks DOTA2 Tournament
Samsung Dota 2 Pro Leagues Finals & Information
Open Amateur Dota 2 Tournament! Prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd!
CyberGamer Dota 2 Pro Leagues Season 2 Qualifiers
AWC - Amateur Weekend Cup
Evening Cup by AWC 2014 - CLOSED
PAGE Premier League Dota 2 2014
Signup Thread - TteSports DotA 2 Underdog Challenge
[LOCKED] CyberGamer Dota 2 Pro Leagues Season 2 Amateur Division Signup
Result: Dota2 Tournament at Legend Cyber Cafe Sydney
$7000 Dota 2 Comp at Legend Cyber Cafe
MSI Masters Dota 2 Tournament $3000 Prizepool
Results & Bracket - DAY 2
Qualifiers Check-in - DAY 2
Results Thread & Brackets
Qualifiers Checkin
CyberGamer Dota 2 Pro Leagues: Season 2
Starting soon!! - TteSports DotA 2 Underdog Challenge
TteSports DotA 2 Underdog Challenge
OMG Lan Cafe Perth Dota2 Championship Coverage
c1x LAN tournament Dota2 coverage [Perth]
[14 - 21 April] L2P Masters Open-Qualifier FREE team reg now open!
Dota2 PantheonES CUP, proudly sponsored by MWave - This weekend!
c1x LAN Tournament team/individual interest [Perth]
Mini AWC March 2014 Announced!
[Image] AEL 2014 Summer Cup Grand Finals@LAN!!
[Info] AEL Dota 2 Summer Cup 2014 Brackets/Schedule
AEL Dota 2 Summer Cup 2014
IXDL-AUS 1v1 Tournament @ 29/11/13 8pm AEDT
[Info] Info Thread: Australian eSports League 2013 End-of-Year Tournament
IXDL: Battle of the Regions
SYF GAMING DOTA 2 CUP Finals this weekend! / Infomation Thread
[LOCKED] Dota 2: Australian ESports League 2013 End-of-Year Tournament!
[Image] L2P AU/NZ Dec 2013 Open Invite. Registration Now Open. Link in Description [File Attached]
SYF GAMING DOTA 2 CUP this weekend! / Infomation Thread
IXDL 1v1 Mini Tournament 8pm 31st October with prizes
CyberGamer DotA 2 Pro Leagues
DOTA2 Recruitment Week REMINDER
[SHOUTCAST] CGp Double Header
Amateur Weekend Cup October 12th/13th Announced!!!
SteelSeries Oceania Cup
Amateur Weekend Cup Dota 2 - September
Steelseries Oceania Cup Season 2
Tide's Wrath Season 3, sponsored by Tt eSPORTS
[Info] Defense of the Australians Spring DotA2 Tournament
Qualifiers Signup and Information Thread CyberGamer DotA 2 Pro Leagues
[LOCKED] CGp/CGm League Qualifier Check-in thread
[LOCKED] DotA 2 CGa Signups & Information Thread
Amateur ONLY Weekend Cup Dota 2 - TI3 Style
League Payment Information / Groupings
Oceanic Cup #2 Silicon Sports
[IMPORTANT] DotA2 League Qualifiers TOMORROW
Amateur ONLY Dota 2 Weekend cup V2 (not same person) - for all the teams that missed out etc.
[REMOVED] Amateur ONLY Weekend Cup Dota 2 - UPDATED
[QLD] RLG LAN - 5v5 Tournament
SteelSeries Oceania Cup Season 1
Cydus Dota 2 Tournament 17.08.2013
Melbourne DotA 2 Tournament July 2013 - Online with Semi & Finals Played off at a St Kilda Bar Venue!
Australia & New Zealand Stage (DOTA 2 COMPETITION)
Dota 2 Australian Universities Competition
[Info] Keita League ~ Coming Soon! (Australia & New Zealand)
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