Global Offensive Trade
PSA: OPSKIN Sales > $120
A buyout must be listed from 28/10/2015
WTB: ps3 controller with cable
SteelSeries 650 Headset & SteelSeries APEX M500 Keyboard
[S] Specialist Gloves - Crimson Kimono WW
[s] Wireless Logitech G903 brand new in box
[S] Logitech G403 Prodigy Wireless Gaming Mouse.
S> blackiimov float: 99.32
Invent FS
Selling Invent for Cash CHEAP AND NEGOTIABLE
Logitech G-Pro for sale
selling CS:GO GLOVE + 144hzMonitor/Keyboard/Mic
WTS Bayonet Rust Coat BS
Usp-S Orion Giveaway!!
[S] Huntsman Night .15 [w] Paypal
Selling mouse pads
The big gaming gear sale
SELLING FURY HYPER X DDR3-1600 MHz 240 pin desktop memory
[S] M9 Black Laminate [FT]
[S] Bowie Knife - Crimson Web (Minimal Wear) ~12%
Steelseries Rival 300 - Hyper Beast Edition + Zowie EC1-A
[S] Bayonet | Marble Fade [Factory New]
Case Hardened's For sale
Selling Karambit Crimson Web (FT) and AK47 Fire Serpent (FT)
[S] Bayo Bright Water FT 0.2
[s] M9 Damascus MW
Selling Deathadder Elite - $50 (and pads)
Selling Gear Boiz
Looking to trade my bayo marble fade
Selling M4A1-S | Dark Water FT with Immunity stickers on it
[S] Karambit Ultraviolet MW 0.074 (cleaner than some factory news)
[H] M9 Fade, M9 P2, Fire Serpent FT, ST Aquamarine MW, Blaze, Graphite, Awp asiimov [W] Keys or CommBank
[S] Bayonet - Marble Fade FN
[S/T] Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened (FN) Blue Gem
Selling 144hz monitor (BenQ Zowie XL2411 24 inches)
Sticker | Titan (Holo) | Katowice 2014
csgo sticker
Selling Stat Karambit Slaughter MW
Stattrak AK-47 Vulcan FT for $80
Selling Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Open Air Gaming Headset for $$$$
Buying Keys for $2.20USD each
Selling Gaming PC
Complete gaming package! I5-4460, 8GB Ram, 144Hz, GTX 650 TI
[H] Keys [W] $2.92 aud via commbank
trading my m9 night ft 0.22fv for $15 paypal plus a knife
Selling Lots Of skins
Selling Pins (Codes only)
Selling CSGO Skins (M9 Bayo Vanil, Fire serpent)
WTS 0.010 Karambit Sapphire [FN] Perf Corner + FN Glock Fade [FN]
S> FN Bayo Sapphire & MW DLore
[S] Inventory $$
Couple Mice/Headsets
Selling GTX 950 / Bayonet Doppler
Falichion Blue Gem 91%
Selling Stattrak Flip Lore Minimal Wear
APEX M800 Mechanical Keyboard for sale
[LOCKED] selling LoL account
Quick Buying all your skins
T] my FT Dragon lore + cash for your MW/FN Dragon lore
Mice and Mousepad sale
Selling my M9 Bayonet and Steelseries Mouse
Looking to sell my knife
WTT FN Flip Doppler
[W] FLIP KNIFE DOPPLER fn or Flip knife slaughter mw
Selling Logitech Gpro
[S] Inventory for $$
[REMOVED: Authors Request] [S] Karambit - Damascus Steel FN
[H] ST Bowie Knife | Crimson Web MW & GE Pin [W] Offers
Bayonet Case Hardened MW 75% Blue On Both Sides.
[H] StatTrak Karambit Slaughter (Factory New) [W] Downgrade
[S] Inventory [W] Cash or bank transfer

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