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MOSS Anti-Cheat is now mandatory for all CyberGamer Siege matches
Season 1 - 2018 Announcement
Major 2017 Ladder Rule Update
Enforcement of the Eligibility rule
Formal Apology.
Season 4 - 2017 Announcement
Season 3 - 2017 CG Finals
Afterburner eSports LFO
Help cybergamer
Season 3 - 2017 Announcement & Important Information
Season 2 Grand Final Tonight!!!
Tune IN for 4th Spot Finals Bash
Reload eSports R6S LAN @ Canberra
Season 2 - 2017 Announcement & Important Information
Come join the ever growing community
lagging issues in siege
$120 Weekly Tournaments
[REMOVED: Spam] Poor staff.
[REMOVED: Inappropriate Content] A conversation with Jebus
How active is the R6S PC community here?
2017 Season 1 Finals Announcement & Information
Matches Scheduled After 26th March
Come play R6S?
Velvet Shell DLC In Rotation
Mid-Season Break 20th-26th February
Season 1 (2017) Announcement + Important Information
How Fast Can You Ace Challenge
Season 4 Grand Final - Maelstrom vs Event Horizon
Open Ladder Season 4: Finals
Team looking to join R6S Ladder
Videos Thread
New Operators + Map Are Banned
Rule Amendment: Match Settings - Death Cam
Season 4 Announcement & Important Information
Rule Amendment: Player Conditions
Season 3 Winners
SaltGrenade (from Salty Gunslingers) has been banned by FairFight
[POLL] Two Divisions or Classic CG Rules?
Season 3 Finals Live Stream 8:30pm tonight!
Season 3 Finals
[LOCKED] [POLL] 4 Teams or 6 Teams in Finals?
Daylight Savings Time starts 2am October 2nd
Reminder: Season 3 ends at 11:59pm on the 25th
Current State of this R6 Ladder
Clarifying VAC bans and how they relate to this ladder (UPDATED 19/9)
[LOCKED] Admin Power Abuse
[POLL] Poll: Adjust Protected / Vulnerable Time
how to find scrims?
Official R6 ANZ Twitch Channel
Go4R6 ANZ Major
R6S Season 3 Announcement
Just want to say Hai to AUS Clan
Um, What Happened?
Season 2 Finals
Trident eSports LF2M
Gentlemen's Club is Recruiting!
xRedRiotx imposter
Referees Wanted
Shoutout to DV8
Announcement: Season 2 ending
The 1st $500 ANZ Go4 Cup Announced!
[REMOVED: Inappropriate Content] Unacceptable Referee Behaviour
Finally you guys are getting a scene in ESL
Suggestions for changes to Rules
Watch that ELO
*UPDATED* Rainbow 6 Siege Ladder Rules Version 2.0
New Captain for KTO R6: Siege
Number of shields allowed on team
[LOCKED] @Trident, are you back in ladder?
Request: Get Your Team In Order
High PING issue on Telstra and Optus
PSA: Major Telstra Outage
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