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For those of you who aren't familiar with SOTMs, it is a monthly graphics competition where members of the community make a signature in accordance to the theme provided! It's an opportunity to go head to head with other designers, sharpen your skills and most of all, have a bit of fun!

As for more competition the winner will receive 1 month Premium membership and the prestigious title of "Signature of the Month Winner".

Theme: Announced in Thread
Type: Horizontal [No larger than 400x200] / Vertical [No larger than 200x400]
Entries Close/Voting Begins: Announced in Thread
Voting Closes/Winner Announced: Announced in Thread


  1. Your files must be only in .jpg, .gif, and .png format.
  2. Your entry must be in by the deadline. The deadlines will be met at midnight!
  3. Your signature must fit with the provided theme each month.
  4. Maximum sizes (in pixels) for signatures entries are: 400 width and 200 height (Horizontal Signatures) or 200 width and 400 height (Vertical Signatures)
  5. Your entry must not contain any inappropriate content. This includes any racial or sexual references.
  6. Once submitted, you CAN make as many resubmissions as you want, as long as it is in by the deadline. Please note that your last submission will be classified as the final.
  7. If you deem necessary, feel free to add a small paragraph explaining what mood, theme, feelings etc. you wanted your signature to evoke. This can earn you bonus points in the voting processes.
  8. Once you submit your entry, you MUST show the stocks or .psd file you used for the entry when requested - if a Graphics team member asks for either a stock or .psd for your signature - you must comply in an orderly fashion. If you are found ripping/stealing another artist work, you will be disqualified and BANNED.

  9. *Do NOT post your entry in the forums until the SOTM competition that it is being entered in is COMPLETE. For example, your entry for the current SOTM Competition must not be posted until that competition is finished and the next months SOTM is announced.


Foolish entries will also be refused from entry and may have consequences.

~ Entering ~

To enter the SOTM, you simply need to submit your entry in a PM to Beasty. Please do not post your SOTM in public areas to avoid others using your signture for their own benefit. If you happen to post it, your post will be deleted from the public eye.

~ Judging ~

The winner of the SOTM will be chosen through the vote of 2 different groups. The first being a private discussion amongst the Graphics and Design Moderator Team, and the second being the general community vote which is open to all community members. Depending on the volume of entries, the public vote will most likely have the top 5 or so entries. This does however depend on how many entries we get.

Your work will be assessed through the following criteria:

  • Theme
  • Clarity / Quality
  • Uniqueness
  • Focal Point
  • Flow
  • Lighting
  • Colours
  • Text
  • *Use of resources (such as stocks, C4D's, Brushes etc...)

If your signature is able to do well through these criteria, then you should feel confident in your entry.

If you have any feedback on the rules, please tell us as we're always keen on improving our system.

CG Graphics Staff
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