Teams allow you and your friends to compete on a specific ladder/game, against other teams through the set up of official CG matches.

Creating a Team

Step 1
Navigate to the appropriate ladder you wish to join via the 'Games' menu in the top navigation bar.

Step 2
Once you have reached your desired ladder, select 'Create Team', found below the ladder's heading.

Step 3
Fill in all the necessary details using the given form.
NOTE: If you already have a team on another ladder and you wish to simply transfer the team across, you can select 'Click here to clone one of your previous teams' which will bring up a selection of all your teams. Click 'CLONE' the team you wish to copy and the system will not only fill in the details, but also automatically invite the members of the team you cloned.

Step 4 (If Necessary)
Your team will now be enrolled on the ladder you chose. If your team requires members to begin competing (ie a ladder that isn't 1v1), you can now invite people to the team by selecting 'Edit Members' which can be found to the top right of the teams roster.
Then simply begin to enter in their CG username, and when it pops up hit enter and the user will be invited. From this area you can also change the ranks of the members of the team.
Captains have full access to the team and its' forum (if applicable). They are responsible for the actions of the team, and include the organisation of matches. Lieutenants can either have no extra access, access to the team information or can challenge other teams (or both). A member has no additional access to the teams administration.

Step 5 (Optional)
You can also edit any details of your team using the various 'Edit' buttons found on the team page. Each one correlates to the area it is found on.
5.8 years ago