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Challenging on a CyberGamer ladder will allow you to play scheduled matches against other teams and players, fighting for your rank. It is quite easy once you get the hang of it, but when starting off it can be a bit confusing.

Detailed Guide

Before challenging, there are some basic things you should know.
  • You can challenge teams 50% of your rank above you plus 2 positions. Meaning, if your team is ranked #32 on a specific ladder, you can challenge half of that (16) and an additional 2 places. Therefore your team would only be able to challenge up to rank #14, no higher.
  • You will only be able to challenge if your team has the required amount of members, which can be found on the ladder page.
Now, getting on to how to challenge.
  • Firstly, bring up the ladder page you wish to challenge on.
  • Find the team you wish to challenge. Remember, you can only challenge half of your teams rank + 2. On all ladders, except Turbo Ladders, you cannot challenge any teams lower than your own as well as challenge teams who are already in a current challenge.
  • Teams who have either 'Defending', 'Challenging', or 'Protected' on the far right-hand side of their name you are unable to challenge.

  • Teams who have 'Free' on the far right-hand side of their name are free to challenge.
  • Once you have found a team who meet the above requirements, click 'Challenge' next to their team name.

  • Clicking the 'Challenge' button will redirect to another page. Here you select the times and dates you wish to offer the opposing team to schedule/play the match at. The red, highlighted boxes shown in the screenshot below shows time slots that interfere with one of your current, existing matches.
  • Simply tick the boxes of the times and dates you wish to offer.

  • Please take note that you will not be able to send the challenge through to the other team if the requirements (found on the same page - an example is shown below for the Call of Duty Black Ops SND Ladder) are not followed. They vary for each ladder.
  • For some ladders you will have to offer maps. Select three different maps from the drop down menu.

  • If the requirements are met, you will be able to proceed, by clicking 'Send Challenge!'

  • The challenge will be made, and you will be redirected to the match page, where you can discuss the match with your team and the opposition.
All that's left to do is play the match and have fun! Happy Gaming!
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