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Adding / Editing / Removing PSN ID

To edit your listed PSN ID(s), simply make your way to your profile page and scroll down until you find 'Game Information'. To the right of this heading, select the 'edit' button.

Selecting this will open up a box of all the options available to you in relation to your various game ID's. Find 'PS3 Related' and simply edit/add any required PSN ID's. To remove a PSN ID, remove the text from the box and leave it blank.

Scroll to the very bottom of the editing area and select 'Save' to confirm your changes.

Changing Your Username
We understand that people change their PSN IDs and as a result would like to update their username to suit, or are just simply looking for a different username to go by on the forums. With this in mind, changing your username is a quick and easy process for those who are in need of change.

First of all, navigate to your profile page and then locate the 'General Information' box. Select 'Edit' found to the right of the heading.

An options box will open up, and in the first option lies your username. To change it, simply edit what's already in there (ie your current username) and then scroll down to the bottom of the options box and click 'Save'.

Please note that you can only change your username twice a month, so do not abuse the feature and choose your usernames carefully.

Changing Your Password
To change your account password, simply head to your profile and click 'Edit' on 'General Information'.

Scroll to the bottom of the option box and you will find three fields that will allow you to change your password. To do so, enter in your current password then your new desired password in the two required boxes.

Proceed to click 'Save'. Remember to not tell anyone your password, even if you trust the person.

Adding Buddies
Adding a buddy is the easiest way to keep in contact with another CG user. To do so, head to their profile and click on the 'Add Buddy' button.

Once they have accepted the request, you can click on the 'Buddies' tab (which is found in the Smart Bar along the bottom of the screen) and click on their username to begin chatting to them live via the 'IMs' tab.

If you wish to remove a buddy, again head to their profile and just click on the 'Remove Buddy' button.

Setting a Holiday Message
A holiday message can be useful for a variety of reasons; whether you're notifying people that you're away or just need to let users know something prior to them messaging you, it can be set to just about whatever you like (within reason obviously). Here's an example of a Holiday Message:

To set your message, go to your profile and edit your 'General Information'.

Find the 'Holiday PM Notify' option, and then simply fill in your required message. Remember, BB Code can be used to format or add any necessary links.

Once completed, scroll down and hit 'Save'. Your holiday message will now be displayed to all users who attempt to message you.

CyberGamer Premium
The best way to support CyberGamer and it's development is via a CyberGamer Premium Membership. Details on the program and many benefits can be found here.

Changing your Forum Avatar, Signature and Posts per Page
Think of your avatar and signature as your identity on the forums. They can portray who you are, or (in the case of a signature) point other users in the direction of something you'd like them to view.
Here is an example of an avatar and signature:

To edit your Avatar and Signature, go to your profile page and find the 'Forum Activity' section of it. Click 'Edit'.

To change the text in your signature, simply type in whatever you want into the 'Forum Signature' text area. You can also display an image in your signature. To do this select 'Choose File' found next to the 'Forum Sig Image' text. Your signature needs to be of a specific size. 714x100 pixels for Premium users and 714x50 pixels for Non-Premium Users.

To change your Forum Avatar, select the 'Choose File' button found next to 'Avatar'. Then select the image of your choice on your PC to upload it, this will now become your new Avatar.

Please note that if your Avatar or Signature is offensive and/or breaches the rules of CG, it will be removed and potentially disabled.

You can also change how many posts appear on each page in a CyberGamer thread. This can be edited by again going to 'Forum Activity' and selecting 'Edit'. Then find 'Posts Per Page' and make your selection; you can choose from 15, 25, 50, 75 or 100 posts per page. Once chosen, don't forget to save.
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