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Players and their respective teams are expected to know and understand all rules, players and/or teams not being aware of a rule will not be catered to.

An admin/referee is allowed to ignore or overrule any of the following rules in order to make the competition as fair as possible, instances of ignoring or overruling do not necessarily set a precedent for other similar circumstances.

  • Challenging team - This team listed at the top of the matchups in Challonge
  • Defending team - This team is listed at the bottom of the matchups in Challonge They must host the game.
  • Your Steam username must be entered on your CyberGamer profile (Within the Steam username field) if any team member fails to enter their Steam username on their CG Profiles prior to a match punishments may be issued.

  • Un-sportsmanship like behavior during, prior or after matches will not be tolerated by CyberGamer. CyberGamer suggests that all teams conduct themselves accordingly. If a player or team is found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct, punishments will be issued.
  • Abuse directed at a player or team in game will be reviewed and acted upon accordingly this includes but is not limited to any Racial Comments or Abuse towards a specific player or the team.

  • Game Options
  • Team Size – 5
  • Registered Teams must compromise of no more than 7 individuals. These individuals must only be signed up to 1 team within the Tournament
  • Teams cannot use non-registered players, ineligible players are considered not registered. Using a player who is not registered is considered a violation. If a team is caught using a non-registered player/s, they will automatically lose that match (the match will be overturned if the team that won the match was guilty).
  • Australia, but can be changed if both teams agree to the change
  • Captains Mode

  • Captains mode Rules
    All matches must use the Captains mode option.
    The top team is the team which must create the lobby.
    Starting team is random.
    Game Rules:
  • No exploits are allowed, an exploit will result in a forfeit.
  • No cheats are allowed, having cheats enabled will result in a forfeit.
  • 2-0 for a Win
  • 1-0 for a No Show or Forfeits
  • No More than 10 minutes of pausing will be allowed for the duration of the match. Should the pause time exceed that time, Administrative action will occur.
  • Spectators are allowed, however they must only be allowed in Dota.TV, not Live.
  • Players ingame name must be the same as their alias on CyberGamer.

  • Region
  • IMPORTANT: South-East Asian players will be allowed for this tournament, however the team must consist of atleast two Australian players (not including subs, all subs to be Australian) and any applying team with more than two SEA players should contact an admin with the forms below and give information below. We are allowing this because we recognize the large player base of SEA. All matches are to be played on AUS servers.

  • Delay of Match
  • The Defending team must create the Lobby within 5 minutes of match start time. Teams then have 5 minutes to setup prior to starting bans/champion selections. If the Defending team does not create the Lobby within 5 minutes of match start time they will forfeit. The Challenging team must provide screenshot evidence to show the match was not created. Both the Teams must have 5 players in the Lobby at 5 minutes. Any teams who do not will forfeit.

  • Replays
  • If a dispute is filed and a player refuses to submit their replay, the match will be overturned and bans may be issued.

  • Disputes
  • A dispute can be made if a player/team has been disruptive/breaking any rules. Please only dispute a match if you have evidence/logs to support your dispute. A false dispute will be dealt with by the admins potentially resulting in a match ban.

  • Dispute Process
  • We endeavor to make the decisions as quick and as conclusive as possible, but teams and players need to recognize the workload that exists for admins. Teams are not to contact or hassle administrators by private message or any other means unless requested by an administrator. If you can't wait for administrators to resolve the dispute patiently then DO NOT dispute the match and/or take the loss. All dispute chat is to be left within the dispute and not posted on the public forums or elsewhere.

  • Evidence
  • Submit all evidence relevant; administrators should not have to ask. All teams that are requested to submit information/screenshots/replay evidence are expected to do so within a time frame specified by admins.
  • * Players must take a screenshot of the "Total Score" at the end of the match – and post in the results thread.

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