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Hi guys, it has recently come to our and Hi-Rez's attention that some players involved in the competitive scene in Oceania have been involved in account sharing. Hi-Rez has determined that there was only one instance at which account sharing may have been present and it didn't seem to be malicious according to their support team.

Associated Rule
(a) sell, sublicense, assign, rent, lease, or sell your Account or password, or otherwise
authorize third parties to access your Account or use your password;
Section 4 , subsection a terms of service

No action will be taken on either of their accounts. It is worth a reminder though that logging on to another account that is not yours can result in an account ban for both players as well as competitive bans - this is a Hi-Rez rule and is investigated and enforced by them.

There was also allegations of collusion between some teams involved in the Challenger's Cup Tournament based around sharing of match ids and passwords. No evidence of this was found and thus no action will be taken. Again, it is worth keeping in mind that cheating using 3rd party programs, throwing games intentionally or sharing private information such as Match IDs or passwords is illegal and will not be tolerated. Any players or teams performing such acts will result in strict punitive measures.

If anyone has any concerns about this announcement please contact a Cyber Gamer admin. Any and all information is appreciated.

If you have any questions, concerns or queries then don't hesitate to contact us using the CyberGamer Support System.
Hi Rez Terms of Services

The SMITE Administration Team
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2.1 years ago