Hi guys, just a few last minute reminders as we head into our first OPL Qualifying tournament this weekend.

Firstly, a lot of questions that were asked about seeding were answered in the QnA last week but if you missed it seeding priority will work as follows:
PAX teams
OPL teams
End of Season 2 Tournament teams
Everyone else in order of when you signed up

To elaborate - if you were a team that played at the PAX Regional Finals you will get top seeding. After that priority will be given to teams that competed in the SMITE Oceania Pro League in 2015 and will be based off their final placement in that league (note: not the PAX Qualifying tournament but the actual OPL). After those teams its the teams that participated in the end of Season 2 tournament will be given priority based upon their placement in that tournament. Finally, 'new' teams will be seeded according to when they signed up to the qualification tournament. Next weeks tournament will have seeding based on this weeks tournament.

Secondly, some important rules to highlight for this tournament AND for Challenger's Cup/OPL this year. The full set of rules can be found here: First rule to touch on is Rule 4, match set up. 8 Bans will be used for competitive SMITE this year in accordance with Hi Rez rules.

Next is Rule 5. Server Settings. You must create the room according to the setting defined in this rule including the password. You may also use this password as the spectator password too. DO NOT USE A DIFFERENT PASSWORD FOR THE GAME OR SPECTATOR.

Continuing on, Rule 9, replay ids. You must post the replay ids in the appropriate chat between teams on CG. Repeated non-compliance with this rule may result in forfeiture of your next match.

Rule 10 - screenshot rule. Each team must take a screenshot of the Banned and Selected Gods in case of disconnects or a player leaving and each team must take a screenshot of the "Total Score" at the end of the match and must keep these screenshots in case of a dispute. You can submit the screenshots in the same chat where you submit match ids, this would be useful for us to do stats but it is not necessary. However, you MUST keep copies of your screenshots in case we have disputes or we want to request them for stats.

Skins rule: No skins may be used during qualifier tournaments, relegations Challenger's Cup and the Oceania SMITE Pro League, only the default God Skins.
In the Challenger's Cup/Qualifying/Relegations tournaments Use of a skin will result in a one time warning. A second violation will result in a one match ban.
In the OPL there will be no warning's, use of skins will result in an immediate one match ban.
Note: For the purpose of CyberGamer, recolours and tier 2 skins are also classified as skins and are also prohibited.

Name Rule: A player must retain the same in game name throughout each split if they play in Challenger's Cup, OPL and Relegations tournament. Players may change their name between the qualifying tournaments and the OPL/Challenger's Cup, between OPL/Challenger's Cup and Relegations and after relegations preceding the next Split.

Issues/Disputes: If you have any questions, problems, queries or concerns then please contact an Admin by putting in a Support Ticket using the CyberGamer Support System. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW. If you do not use the CG Support system your issue will not be seen.

Some of these rules are old rules but we are going to be a lot stricter this year on enforcing those rules.

Broadcast of the qualifiers: At this stage only Day 2 of each qualifying tournament will be broadcast. We are looking at broadcasting some of Day 1 but it will be very delayed and won't have a set schedule. Broadcast will be on

If you have any questions please ask below! Most importantly, good luck and have fun this weekend!

Tournament Sign Up:

Link to CG Support:

CGTV twitch:

NEW RULE: Players competing in the OPL MUST keep their profiles un-hidden in game. This is to allow Hi-Rez to access their stats to put up on their website. Failure to comply will result in a penalty which will increase in severity if continual flaunting of this rule occurs.

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1.7 years ago
Pretty keen for this season, I feel it'll be the most competitive split we've had yet! Hopefully the new Challenger series will promote newer players to join in as well
1.7 years ago