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We're giving away 50x 2016 Season Tickets throughout Super Week! Enter here

The SMITE Season Ticket 2016 is a special event bundle that lasts for the whole Season 3 of SMITE eSports. Once unlocked, players will earn Fantasy Points through various means to unlock exclusive Skins, Icons, and other rewards.

Players are immediately rewarded with the SPL 2016 Bellona skin after unlocking the Season Ticket, as well as being able to begin earning Fantasy Points (or FP) to earn more rewards such as god skins, avatars and announcer packs.

Rewards Include
  • 0 – SPL 2016 Bellona Skin
  • 1000 – Sunstar Ra Skin
  • 1500 – Which Came First Avatar
  • 2000 – Enigma Chest
  • 2500 – 2016 Season Ticket Loading Frame
  • 3000 – Enigma Chest
  • 3500 – Undying Chest
  • 4000 – Good Game Emote
  • 4500 – Hinduman Announcer Pack
  • 5000 – Ticket Upgrade (More Below)
  • 5500 – Enigma Chest
  • 6000 – Peeper Ward Skin
  • 6500 – Enigma Chest
  • 7000 – Undying Chest
  • 7500 – Divine Action Theme Music Pack
  • ??? – And more! Throughout the year we will be adding additional content, chest rolls, and Skins! (Including a Tier 4 Skin.)

During the season you can catch all the SMite OCeanic Pro League active live from the CyberGamer Smite channel along with Challenger Cup matches and our weekly Smite Sow.
Keep up to date with everything Smite OCE related by following us on our dedicated Smite Twitter

Dont forget to tune in Saturday and Sunday from 4pm for all the super week action.
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