Overwatch Edit (Maybe the First One)

Overwatch Edit (Maybe the First One)

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Hey guys, I made an edit of my clip I made just in a pub game (obviously)

I made the kill feed myself and I apologize if you don't see all the kills/ult, the PotG shit is slack that way..

Give me your opinions and the song was just a random song I found and it is probably overplayed a lot.

Hope you enjoy the 18 seconds :P

If you could upvote it on Reddit would also be appreciated! Reddit Post

Overwatch Edit Click Here
Posted 4:20pm Jun 1st 16 and edited 4:50pm Jun 1st 16
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ive got about 8 of your Play of the games on my PC, ill send you some better ones u can use gav.

other than that, good overlay its nice and clean and the kill feed is good.
Posted 8:10pm Jun 1st 16