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This week spread out the leaderboard to show who was really on top and who was not. Week 3 also marked the last week Tainted Minds would be in the OPL as they disbanded and Team Yandegire have joined the Pro League in their place.

LlamasInPyajamas vs Tainted Minds

Not surprisingly, First Blood went to Swifty, who has been performing extraordinarily well for his first time in the OPL, killing Switchbae who was subbing for this week. The first team fight was very early at 3:30. Very close to the first team fight was a dive at 4mins in mid lane resulting in a 1-1 trade for Elkeiro and Swifty. 2 double kills at Gold Fury for both ADC's at 8 mins turned the game on its head.

Tainted Minds were forced out of LiP's jungle after an invade attempt and LiP take gf then push mid at 15mins. Tainted make picks where they can, taking out Shruix who was top damage at 17:30 in Solo. LiP reply with a kill on Abyss and Tomolomu. In the chase LiP overextend just a bit too much and lose Swifty in the retreat.

Kizzle landed a nice 4 man taunt under a tier 2 tower resulting in 2 kills then the push goes all the way through to the titan then Tainted Minds kills 4 of LiP in their base. Tainted Minds push back a bit but can't hold under the pressure and LiP push duo lane phoenix then push mid phoenix and close the game.

Game started off well for Elkeiro as he picked up 3 kills one fight at 4 mins into the game. UltimateAbyss starts the snowball killing Dagnyt in mid. RoyalCustard shows his skill when he solo's Ranabarana. TM kill Torreyskiez in a mid lane fight when he went too aggressive then secure Gold Fury. They then continue to kill 2 of LiP but UltimateAbyss and Tomolomu are lost in the fight. LiP keep pushing up, killing Switchbae but are too aggressive losing Swifty and Torrey.

UlitmateAbyss carried a mid lane team fight with an unofficial triple kill into a deicide then TM took Gold Fury at 25:30. LiP siege very well the entire game making picks then pressuring and not leaving until something is taken although they do overextend a few times too. TM keep up with complete Gold Fury control.

TM push into LiP's jungle, killing 3 of them then look for the tier 2 solo tower. TM try take Fire Giant but Dagnyt steals it with a basic attack pulling LiP ahead once again. LiP push solo phoenix but are forced off before taking it. They try pressure mid while Dagnyt split pushes solo phoenix and get both phoenixes. LiP back off for a second Fire and TM try steal it but lose RoyalCustard. LiP group up and push duo lane all the way closing the game 2-0.

Avant Garde vs Incite

Kikiomeo decided to come out of retirement just 1 week after going into it to playing jungle for Incite. Maxen stepped down from the main roster and is now looking for other teams to play starting jungler.

Avant Garde start the game off aggressively ganking TheBeast at 2:30 and using 3 ultimates to try kill him but he survives. Incite kill Robdigidy for First Blood after a 3 man gank but Avant return the favour killing Laney and Biggy. Laney moves all over the map getting a kill on Tomahawk in the Fire Giant pit then helps Kikiomeo kill Robdigidy in duo lane just 40 seconds later.

At 11 minutes, Incite aggress in the mid lane when Laney dives on Maus after he tried to steal the mid camps securing the kill onto Maus only to be shut down by ElChuckles. At the same time LiquidRenegade attempts to flee but TheBeast uses his ultimate to lock him in place to kill him under tower.

AV push too hard in the mid lane and lose Tomahawk in the fight. Incite push back and take out Maus and ElChuckles under their middle towers. Incite lose no one. AV try their best to disengage from the next fight but are too close to Incite and get taken down under their own tier 1 tower. Incite don't stop pushing and destroy the middle Phoenix with good harass from AV but it's not enough to defend.

Incite dive the tier 2 duo lane tower making picks, taking tower then secure the Gold Fury. They push Solo all the way to the Phoenix and take it down along with mid phoenix too. They turn for the Fire Giant and AV do their best to stop them or steal it but 4 team members die and leave the Titan open for Incite to end the game.

Game 2 First Blood was drawn on Yada by ElChuckles rotating at 1min into the game. Incite save TheBeast from a close encounter with 4 members of AV, the counter gank is initiated but surprisingly no one is killed.

Incite decide to 4 man gank ElChuckles so AV take Gold Fury as ElChuckles lives so AV get away with a free Gold Fury, however, Incite take the Solo lane tower in return.

Incite's first kills are at 16 mins on Maus and LiquidRenegade but AV take a kill in return on Kikiomeo. Incite dive the tier 1 mid tower getting 2 kills but can't push for the tower. AV push Incite under their towers and get Gold Fury at 21mins.

Strong lane pressure from AV grants them a Fire Giant. They pressure and destroy the mid Phoenix then destroy the duo Phoenix and a small Titan siege wins the game.

No MVP Interview

Pandamonium vs Dead Weight

Sporks starts the action in game 1 securing First Blood on Shred at 2:45. Pandamonium invade speed buff and take it with a kill on Weave, Swaya did his support job well absorbing 2 ultimates. The first Gold Fury went to Panda but they drop a kill in for the trade. OnlyGoodAtSolo ganks Solo lane and finishes off Rowe Shred dropped him extremely low.

Dead Weight kill 2 after Panda push too hard in mid at 15:30. A triple for Hs247 in a team fight wins DW not only the fight but a free Gold Fury too. A massive team fight at 23mins resulted in Panda getting 2 kills for nothing then push duo lane tier 2. Afterwards, Panda go for Gold Fury as DW try take it but aren't successful, they push for a kill and get Sporks but lose Weave in the trade. DW push tier 1 duo lane tower and kill Ochita. Straight away, a fight breaks out and DW kill Rowe and destroy the tier 2 tower.

DW pushed solo tier 2 at 30mins and get 3 kills extending their massive lead. Making their lead bigger DW push the solo lane Phoenix after getting Fire Giant and destroy it at 34:10. One last teamfight at 36mins ends in DW getting a deicide and Panda surprise many by surrendering.

Game 2 started slowly compared to every other game this week as First Blood was a one for one trade between Swaya and OnlyGoodAtSolo at 7:30. DW pick up 2 kills at 9:20 in mid lane and look for the Gold Fury, Panda push them off but lose Subfloor in the fight.
Hs247 then solos Subfloor just a little while later in lane. DW push mid and kill Sporks, Swaya and a tower. Panda pushed DW off after their second push attempt and killed Agony.

DW went for the Gold Fury but Panda fight. DW switch their focus to killing Panda and pick off Swaya and Subfloor. They then go back for Gold Fury but Panda try fight once again and lose 3. DW then secured the Gold Fury.

DW push the tier 2 solo lane tower at 22 mins and destroy it with a short siege. They rotated to mid and take middle lane tier 2 tower as well but Panda put up a fight, killing Weave and Hs247 then look to Fire Giant.

Panda get the Fire Giant but are so low on HP after the harassment from DW and lose Sporks and Swaya. DW siege the duo lane destroy the tower but trade 2-3 kills after a brawl with a Fire Giant buffed Panda.

DW decide to push the Solo lane but Panda fight back and get 3 kills trading 2 then DW go back in, fighting with losing numbers but come out on top and kill 2 more. DW bait Fire Giant but lose Weave then OnlyGoodAtSolo turns the fight to kill Subfloor and Rowe dies shortly after.

DW secure the Fire Giant and then pressure mid lane. Panda put up their best defence forcing DW off their Phoenix. DW rotate for the solo lane but once again were pushed back as Panda's defence was too strong.

After a long stressful defence by Panda they fall short as DW eliminate 2 members of Panda then turn for the Fire Giant. Panda try to steal it but lose another 2. Once again Panda F6 the game.


1st-Dead Weight 6-0
2nd-Pandamonium 4-2
3rd-Incite 3-3
3rd-LlamasInPyajamas 3-3
4th-Avant Garde 2-4
5th-PLT Tainted Minds 0-6

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