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LlamasInPyjamas vs Team Pandamonium

Llamas were off to a bad start when they banned Ratatoskr even though he was banned by default essentially wasting one of their 4 bans. To continue their string of weird decisions, they drafted Ne Zha support and Ymir jungle. In the first 2 minutes Dagnyt gives first blood to Ochita as well as the crucial power pot. Kraken down in the mid lane means another kill for Ochita one to Erraticc as well. With Pandamonium moving as a team they find easy picks and just destroy Llamas in fights that put them in the numbers advantage. Maxen is able to solo Ranabarana with a beautiful triple ricochet.

15 minutes in and Pandamonium are up 15-2 and have taken down all the tier 1 towers. They begin to destroy the tier 2 towers by starting in the solo lane after diving for 2 kills. A 3-0 trade and tier 2 duo lane tower followed by a Fire Giant put Pandamonium more than 13k gold in the lead pre-20 minutes. Within 4 minutes Pandamonium took every phoenix and destroyed the Titan.

Game 2 does not have a vod, however from what we were able to catch from the live stream. Pandamonium were able to win game 2 comfortably, with the only real point of resistance coming from Ranabara with some incredible Rama snipes.

No Game 2 VOD or MVP Interview

Incite vs Corvidae

Incite play aggressive early taking the speed buff from Corvidae after a lot of damage traded for either side there were no kills. Shortly after, Incite get aggressive again and get 3 kills in the mid lane onto Olimar, Desacrator and Caizification.

Kikiomeo on Ne Zha sets up 4 kills for Incite before 10 minutes in the mid lane with his ultimate. Incite's grouping and multiple player fights were a lot stronger than Corvidae's. A dive in the mid lane resulted in 2 kills and 2 towers for Incite only losing Kikiomeo. A saving grace comes for Corvidae when they steal the gold fury at 14 minutes. Incite saw an opportunity to make picks and pressure the tier 1 tower in duo lane. Shortly afterwards, incite take a fight around the speed buff of Corvidae getting 2 kills and 2 buffs before retreating again. Incite start up the gold fury but Corvidae try to stop them, Incite take the fight and kill off 2 players before turning around and finishing off the Gold Fury for their 9k gold lead at 20 minutes. Incite begin the Fire Giant and have TheBeast zone out Corvidae. Corvidae push in as 4 to try to steal and are successful in stealing it away.

After everyone has recalled then come back into the action TheBeast landed a 4 man Eagles Rally onto Corvidae and the follow up from Incite resulted in 4 kills with Olimar being the only remaining defender. Incite push the middle phoenix and look for the gold fury. Incite take everything on the map before a brief fight to push one of the two remaining phoenixes then take the Fire giant and shortly thereafter, the Titan.

Game 2 First blood for Incite when they invaded the blue buff and kill Desacrator. A couple missed ultimates from Incite meant they lost a few kills but that didn't stop them from having 8 kills and a 5k gold lead at 11 minutes, Corvidae were looking tilted after game 1. 2 minutes later and Incite had 3 more kills and a gold fury to their name,

Corvidae had to bring it to the late game to win the game with their Scylla and Ao Kuang team composition. The first kill for Corvidae was onto Laney when he dashed into a fight and got picked off by the sunbreaker. A dive in the mid lane from Incite meant they could get the tier 2 tower and 3 kills. Desacrator attempted to get a kill with his Scylla ultimate onto Laney as he was retreating but Laney turned and kill him. Olimar followed up with Ao Kuang execute onto TheBeast but went into a 1v3 fight and was picked off immediately.

Incite looked extremely strong and gave Corvidae no chance to come back into the game with their excellent objective control. They were able to close the series 2-0 with 2 quick games.

Dead Weight vs Avant Garde

Game 1 started quickly as First Blood went to Shred taking down Elchuckles at the 2 minute mark . Later on, a tower dive onto Maus by Weave and OnlyGoodAtSolo proved to be too much for Scylla and was bursted down. A 3 man gank onto Shred from Avant when he overextended, was successfully taking him down. Dead weight try to steal the speed buff but avant push them off so instead Dead Weight decide to dive mid tower to kill chuckles with the boulder from shred securing the kill. Dead weight look for the gold fury and as avant are about to steal it with athena dead weight secure it. Avant after just missing out on the gold fury push into DW jungle and trade 2-2.

Avant start a fight jumping onto OnlyGoodAtSolo but with his ult and shield he lives but just barely. Dead Weight turn the fight around forcing gruff to ultimate out but standing in place with 4 enemies dealing damage which did not fare too well for him. Dead Weight look to the gold fury again and pick off 2 of Avant Garde as they try to steal it however more Avant members pour into the gold fury pit to try and find a way back into the game. Their delay efforts were not very effective as Dead Weight picked up the Gold Fury and overall 5 kills for nothing. The first tower of the game fell when Dead Weight push the solo lane tier 1 and 2 towers followed by the mid lane tier 1 shortly afterwards. There was very little that Avant Garde could do as Dead Weight snowballed into the late game and prevented any comeback potential. Dead Weight methodically took all the towers, Fire Giant, Phoenixes and eventually the Titan ending the game 24-4 in 30 minutes.

Picks back and forth in the early game meant Avant Garde took an early lead. Dead weight bring it back quickly, thanks to the efforts of OnlyGoodAtSolo on fenrir. Avant looked much more aggressive and calculated from the last game in the nearly game but that aggression soon faded as Dead Weight as group up destroy avant during the team fights. Dead weight fight around the Gold fury but Avant try topeel them off however Dead weight leave with 4 kills.

After a fight in the mid lane and few kills by dead weight they take down the gold fury and lead by 11-5 kills and 4k gold. More fights for 10 minutes always in Dead Weights favour and end the game in 24 minutes 32-5.


1st-Dead Weight 10-0
2nd-Incite 7-3
3rd-Pandamonium 6-4
4th-Avant Garde 4-6
5th-LlamasInPyajamas 3-7
6th- Corvidae 0-10

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