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Due to the Hotfix on Friday the replays of LlamasInPyjamas vs Corvidae and Dead Weight vs Team Pandamonium were broken and could not be spectated. From what we heard they were among the best games of the split. We do apologize for not being able to show them, we did our best but unfortunately nothing could be done.

Incite vs Avant Garde

With this game being played on the mid season patch teams wanted to try out some interesting gods to see if they would become staple for the meta. With the recent Aphrodite buff Avant wanted to test and see if she worked in the mid lane. For Incite Kikiomeo was able to get his hands on one of his comfort picks NeZha.

The game started passively for both teams, as they were looking to get to level 5 as soon as possible. At the 4 minute mark Kikiomeo attempted a gank onto Gruff by at the left side mid camps but due to a few missed shots of the Taiko drums form Yada and a retaliation from Avant allowed Gruff to get out with his life. 3 minutes later however at the same spot Kikiemeo ganks gruff again but this time is able to seal the deal thanks to the burst from Yada allowing them to get first blood.

At the 10 minute mark a blink Cataclysm from biggy at the right side mid camps sets up 3 kills for Incite with TheBeast rotating from solo lane to get a double kill. After that a fight at gold fury for Incite secure them the kill on Gruff as well as the vital team fights ultimates that Avant need. 2 minutes later Avant start up the gold fury but is stolen thanks to a desert fury from Justlaney and a cataclysm from Biggy, not only do Incite get the gold fury but also 4 kills and a tier 1 due to their aggression. However Incite play a little too aggressively fighting between the tier 1 and 2 towers of the duo lane allowing Avant to get a free kill onto Yada who desperately needed to get back in the game.

Incite return to the duo lane with more of the team invading red buff killing ElChuckles and claiming the tier 1 for their troubles. In a last ditch attempt Avant try to sneak a gold fury but are spotted by the ahead Incite and are decimated losing 4 members. 22 min Incite push aggressively to take the last tower in the duo lane standing for Avant, they dive the tower getting 4 kills and forcing a surrender vote for Avant.

Game 2 was less experimental for Avant picking themselves the OCE staple of Cabraken and Maus' best god Janus, Incite were able to get Biggy's favorite god Bacchus. At 3:24 Kikiomeo lands a wind fire wheels onto Maus securing first blood for the second time this set. Avant having learnt a bit from last game go on the offensive, using the Through space and time to catch JustLaney off guard and LiquidRenegade traps Laney with no way out. Incite quick to react rotate as well picking up Maus making it a 1 for 1 trade.

JustLaney gets a kill at gold fury onto Gruff thanks to the setup from Kikiomeo. However Avant knowing they have the Cabraken set up a successful gank at left mid caps securing kills for ElChuckles and Robdigidy on Chiron. Avant then attempt a gank in the mid lane forcing out ultimates but not able to secure a single kill, this allowed Incite to return 30 seconds later to the gold fury full health and get 3 kills. 3 minutes later Incite try to bait a gold fury but the strong roster of Avant gives them the teamfight pressure they need making it a 1 for 1 trade. The next gold fury fight goes even better for avant with Robdigidy getting a double kill.

5 minutes later both teams return to the gold fury Incite tries to disengage but they lose 1 as well as the gold fury. Avant no ready to lose that easily go back on the offensive in the mid lane getting 2 more kills for Robdigidy and 1 for LiquidRenegade as well as the tier 1 tower. A team fight occurs in the solo lane getting incite the pressure they need to take the tier 1 tower. Incite attempt to take the gold fury but Elchuckels is able to stop them but Incite then set their sights on Avant in mid with Justlaney getting a triple kill as well as the fire giant. Incite return with fire giant taking the gold fury with ease as well as the tier 2 in duo lane and lane uncontested. After the mid tier 2 falls Incite go for the final blow killing 4 members of Avant and heading straight for the titan.


1st-Dead Weight 13-1
2nd-Incite 11-3
3rd-Pandamonium 9-5
4th-LlamasInPyajamas 5-9
5th-Avant Garde 4-10
6th- Corvidae 0-14

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