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Hello everyone, as some of you may or may not already know Oceania have three quake live players heading over to Quakecon 2016 this year in Dallas, Texas. Rumoured to surface more information about iD Software's most recent announced game, Quake Champions, Quakecon has always been one of the biggest Quake Live tournament events since the games release in 09. This year is no exception hosting the Duel Masters Championship showcasing a $25,000 prize purse and bringing in the top European and North American players. With our Australian players, Andrew 'Python' Cha Cha, Fraze 'Frazer' Hockley and Cameron 'Cam' Hockley, nearly packing their bags, we sat down with the Twins to get their thoughts on the trip. Players from within the 4sg community have even donated their own money to help everyone feel a little more comfortable whilst over there. Fraze has also just been picked up by Australian Team Corvidae

Fraze interview excerpt
There has also been rumoured that a team is sponsoring you to attend, can you shed any light on this and how they have helped you in the journey?

Fraze: The rumours are true! Team Corvidae, only a newish organisation here in Australia, has given me money for flights to go and represent them at Quakecon. This came as a surprise and I am very thankful for their support and help in making things much more financially viable for me to go. Looking towards future competitions and Quake Champions, it would be great to continue to represent them. I think it's also good for Quake and the Australian eSports scene when organisations are looking for these opportunities to pick up players heading to big international events like this. For anyone interested here is Corvidaes website, which I think you should check out and show support if you are interested in the Oceanic gaming scene!

Cam interview excerpt
How much are you currently practicing for the event and what expectations have you set coming into the event?

Cam: I've been practicing quite a bit, not as much as I could have I guess but I'm not a Uni student anymore! haha I feel like I'm in pretty good shape, the game is a bit like riding a bike, you don't forget how to play just because you've had a break. My aim is feeling pretty good lately which is important because it gives you the confidence to play your game and feel good about it. The format of the competition is pretty good too I think because you can start off poorly, get used to the environment and any issues you might be having, nerves etc and still progress far in the tournament. I'll have to wait and see how I go over there but if I can get up around the top 8 then that'd be awesome! If not well, it'll still be heaps of fun.

Links: Fraze iview, Cam iview, Quakecon, Corvidae
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Was always a challenge and good fun to play against these guys in Clan Arena on QL.

BOL Fraze, Python and Cam!
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