SMITE Challenger's Cup League Qualifiers

The SMITE Oceania Challenger's Cup League Qualifying tournament will be held on Saturday the 3rd of September with Sunday the 4th of September to be used if the tournament runs overtime. The tournament will be double elimination, best of 1 games and will be played up until only 4 teams remain as there is no need for seeding above this point. This should occur at the semi-final round in both the upper and lower bracket. These top 4 teams will qualify into the Challenger's Cup League alongside the two teams from the relegations process who did not qualify for the SMITE Oceania Pro League. If it becomes necessary to qualify teams, admins will get in contact with those teams that will need to play extra games.

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SMITE Challenger's Cup League Schedule

The Challenger's Cup League will follow the same schedule as the SMITE OPL, a quick draft can be found below. The Challenger's Cup finals will be held on the Weekend of the 12th and 13th of November.

Week 1
Saturday 10th September
Team 3 v Team 4
Team 2 v Team 5

Sunday 11th September
Team 1 v Team 6
Team 5 v Team 3

Week 2
Saturday 17th September
Team 4 v Team 2
Team 6 v Team 5

Sunday 18th September
Team 3 v Team 1
Team 2 v Team 6

Week 3
Saturday 24th September
Team 5 v Team 1
Team 4 v Team 6

Sunday 25th September
Team 2 v Team 3
Team 1 v Team 4

Week 4
Saturday 1st October
Team 6 v Team 3
Team 1 v Team 2

Sunday 2nd October
Team 4 v Team 5
Team 6 v Team 2

Week 5
Saturday 8th October
Team 4 v Team 3
Team 5 v Team 2

Sunday 9th October
Team 6 v Team 1
Team 3 v Team 5

Week 6
Saturday 15th October
Team 6 v Team 4
Team 1 v Team 5

Sunday 16th October
Team 3 v Team 2
Team 4 v Team 1

Week 7
Saturday 22nd October
Team 1 v Team 3
Team 2 v Team 4

Sunday 23rd October
Team 5 v Team 6

Week 8
Saturday 29th October
Team 3 v Team 6
Team 5 v Team 4

Sunday 30th October
Team 2 v Team 1


Games will be streamed at the discretion of CyberGamer. Any livestreaming will occur on

VODs can be found here:
Note: there will be a few hours delay from when the games end to when they are live on YouTube

Make sure to follow @CGSMITE on Twitter for immediate notification of any (highly unlikely) changes and live tweets!

Good luck to everyone and may the best team win!

For more information on the SMITE Oceania Pro League season visit

The SMITE Oceania Pro League is officially supported by Hi Rez studios
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