SMITE OCE Challenger's Cup Finals

SMITE OCE Challenger's Cup Finals

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Hello SMITE fans,

The Challenger's Cup League has been running in parallel to the SMITE OPL this split and has given teams looking to play on the next level an opportunity to have regular competition and simulate a Pro League environment. Now, it is time to put these teams in a finals environment to see who truly is the best of the Challenger's Scene.

The top 4 of the 6 Challenger's teams will face off in a single elimination Best of 3 tournament with prizes of 1500 gems for first, 800 second and 400 third. The semi-finals will be on the 12th of November, the 3rd place match will be on the 13th as well as the Grand Final, which will be broadcast live at 6pm that day.

Semi-final 1 will be Proper Ettiquette v Church of Memeology
Semi-final 2 will be Pidge v Pretty Boiz

Check out the broadcast on
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