This article is to introduce some parameters and common sense on the mouse sensitivity to help the players faster grasp the aiming skills of the game CSGO,CS:GO ?çin Bedava Item Kazanmak so that you can get started the game faster, and get the best gaming experience.

First of all, we must make it clear that the concepts of DPI and sensitivity. (DPI and sensitivity are very subjective, you do not have to deliberately copy other players parameters.) Also, you must do the following in the game settings: the original input open.

Mouse acceleration off: DPI will calculate the distance of the mouse movement, but the acceleration will calculate the speed of your mouse movement, so when the shot of the gun target by a large margin, it will become very unstable, and will mess up your muscle memory, so remember to Turn off the mouse acceleration. Adding "-noforcemaccel" in the starting items can cancel the mouse acceleration. Scaling sensitivity: that is the sensitivity in the sight view when using the weapon with gun sight. In general, this parameter can be set to 1, of course, unless you are a very professional sniper, you can also take some time to do some fine-tuning in it.

In the end how to find the most suitable mouse sensitivity for your own? First of all, in addition to the difference of each person's DPI, the mouse pad size, the size of the table that we use are also different. But the most basic thing is that each player needs to ensure that when your mouse slide over the entire mouse pad, the sight of the angle can not be less than 180 °. Then we can build a server in the game, in a wall with a bullet to draw a head-sized circle. To ensure that the sight is always in the circle inside the conditions to do left and right side shift. If the sensitivity is too high it will turn the head, but if it is too low it will not keep pace with the pace of movement.
5 months ago