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Name was Gotcha in previous seasons, but am now known as JMH/JMHSN


Past teams: Aerodynamic Bricks (Season 2), Aerolith Gaming (Season 2), Royal Allegiance (Season 3) I think those seasons are correct

Aerodynamic Bricks: Gotcha - Doctor Zaps - Poopfeast
Aerolith Gaming: Mystify - Le Mon - Gotcha
Royal Allegiance: Locky - Le Mon - Gotcha

Aims: Looking for a team that is level headed and can keep their cool. I would like a team that will have fun playing the game, as the main reason I stopped was because I stopped enjoying playing RL. A team willing to improve together, as I have time if you do.

Weaknesses: Depending on the personalities can tilt. But other then that am quite level headed.

Strengths: Decision making is mostly good, passes are good. I consider my rotations to be good, but the can all be team based. Aerials, wall-shots are also strengths. Was experienced in the tournament scene until taking a break.

About me:

I joined the Rocket League community a while back now, I think in Season 2? I have since played for a few teams, but after many miscommunication, I quit the competitive scene for 6+ months. But am interested in getting back into it with a willing team.
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