SMITE OCE behaviour statement

SMITE OCE behaviour statement

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SMITE OCE behaviour statement

In response to toxic and abusive behaviour by members of the SMITE community against the SMITE community, Double Jump in cooperation with Hi-Rez Studios have issued written warnings to SMITE OCE players, and issued a separate SMITE OPL player ban, effective immediately.

Toxic and abusive comments targeting fellow community members will not be tolerated, whether they occur in game, or on social channels, both public and private. As a reminder, this is stipulated in the SMITE Pro League Productions Series Rules under section 5.1.

5.1 Prohibited Conduct: You understand and agree that all of the following conduct is strictly prohibited: b vii. Harassment or sexual harassment, disparagement, or any other behavior that makes another person feel unsafe or unwelcome.

It's imperative SMITE, and all Hi-Rez games in Oceania, maintain a fun and positive environment for all players. To ensure this is the case, the following measures will be in place moving forward:

Issues registry
All matters pertaining to community conflict are documented for future reference. Concerns regarding player behaviour can be shared privately, with Double Jump reviewing evidence, and managing the outcome on behalf of Hi-Rez.

Written warnings and bans
Double Jump reserve the right to issue written warnings as a consequence of toxic and abusive player behaviour. Depending on the severity of the offence and frequency of behaviour, bans will be issued. Player bans can include but are not limited to: competitive bans, and account bans. Bans can be appealed in writing to Double Jump.

For More information on The Competition Rules please visit: SMITE Pro League Productions Series Rules.

We encourage player feedback and ask those who have concerns regarding SMITE OPL to please contact Double Jump at We're available to answer your questions and look for your support in providing a clear, positive pathway forward for Oceania.
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