Exsto Gaming's Apology

Exsto Gaming's Apology

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Dear Counter Strike Community,

Here at Exsto Gaming, we sincerely apologise for the actions of our former player, Edvard. We do not tolerate cheating and as an organisation, we are sincerely sorry to the teams who have worked hard to get to where they are today.

When we approached the 1% Crew lineup, we were keen in offering them a home to stay as we saw potential during their previous CGA/FFYI Season.

On behalf of all Exsto Gaming staff we apologise to those teams and players that lost their chance and/or lost their games during or after the FFYI due to the actions of our former player, Edvard. It is not clear how long he has been cheating for.

We wish to flip past this dark chapter and move on to seek a brighter future.

Exsto Gaming
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thanks for that bradratt
Posted 7:48pm Oct 22nd 17
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Also as a player.
I would also like to formerly apologize to the teams and players throughout the season. It's incredibly unfair to the genuine players who dedicate their own time and effort towards whatever their goals may.
I've already sent out some messages to the teams or players involved, if you haven't received it as of yet then yeah, sorry how things panned out.

I do/will not tolerate cheaters in CS, period, Let alone my own team. I think myself, my team and even a lot of other players (not involved) around here who knew Edvard, this came as much of a surprise/unexpected turn of events. Very unfortunate for the dude to make a shitty decision, when a lot can agree he already had the skill set to be making an impact without external assistance.
To the High horsed random 'heroes' who "knew all along", yeah good work champs. Should become sherlock. pfft.

On another note, if someone genuinely, genuinely does suspect someone, raise your voice and speak up to the team about it. Don't just sit there lurking in the shadows waiting for the time to come out just so you can sink your teeth into it.
If it was to me, would be greatly appreciated.

Also would like to thank the admins for their time and help in resolving the issue in a professional manner without stirring the pot. *Cough* Fox *cough* xD

For the teams still in the upcoming finals, wish you all the best of luck and see ya's next season.

Cheers lads.
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And as another player in CGm i also apologize for @turbo- s horrible 4 kill games this season causing us to lose all our games. I did not know going into this season that TURBO would let us down this hard causing us to unfortunately having to let go Clutchy as our sub.
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