PC wont recognise my headset is plugged in

PC wont recognise my headset is plugged in

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So recently I was having some computer troubles so i wiped it, reinstalled everything, but now I cant seem to get sound to come through my headset.

My headset is hyperX cloud stingers so it uses audio and mic jacks not usb. When I plug it into the front or back of my PC, it doesnt make a difference. it just doesnt show up in my playback/recording devices.

I have tried reinstalling the drivers for Realtek HD audio both from the disc and online and neither have worked.
I have 'show disabled devices' on so that is not the issue before you ask.
The headset works fine in other computers, and other headphones dont work in mine so its definitely an issue with my PC.

I assume its something wrong with Realtek because I can play sound through my monitor's speakers which is using the Nvidia HD audio, but idk, I could be wrong.

Any help much appreciated.
Posted 8:00pm Jan 21st 18
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There's a couple of things, you may need to change the default playback device by right clicking the sound icon in the task bar and changing it from hdmi (monitor) to your hyperx.

Alternatively if that isn't showing maybe you need to re-install the audio drivers for your motherboard, if that isn't the case download hyperX's program?

Reading their site, https://www.hyperxgaming.com/us/support/technical/products?model=hx-hscs

otherwise attempt to separate from and rear audio.
Posted 9:03pm Jan 21st 18