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After 3 and a half years and over 3000 hours I'm looking for my first competitive team within CS. I feel like I should be skilled enough to at least slot into a low to mid cga team. However, if it becomes clear that this is delusion on my part, I am willing to prove myself within the cgo landscape. Contact me through steam if interested.

Alias: DankSniper

Age: 15

Location: Hobart, Tasmania (lived in NSW until recently)

Previous Experience: No competitive or LAN experience.

Aims: Improve as a player and learn to play proper cs and not just pugs.


Decent Aim/crosshair placement
Proficient knowledge of CS fundamentals, nades and positioning
Ability to be a team player and not follow ever opportunity to boost stats
Willing to watch demos
Able to anchor bombsites


In situations where comebacks happen or I make brain dead decisions/mistakes, I can tilt (to myself and not over the mic)
Nerves can screw with my gamesense and cause me to play like a bot (hopefully would be able to deal with this in a team environment)
Lack of experience


Preferably entry. Can also be: secondary awp, lurker on most maps, support


Pretty much every day during holidays and weekends, as well as for at least a few hours on most weekdays during the school term. With decent notice will definitely be able to make LANs in Melbourne and Sydney and should be able to attend LANs in other parts of AU with good enough notice.

Relevant Links:



https://play.esea.net/users/1529737 (Haven't played ESEA in a while and 8 RWS in december only cos I played one pug in that month)
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This thread hasn't gotten much attention (probably cos no one knows who I am) so I want to stress what my true hopes and intentions in joining a team are. I'm not looking to join a team for a week before the team falls apart or because I have other commitments. I'm looking to join a team to grow with the team and as a player. On a team level this is to gradually improve and hopefully make it to finals whenever it seems realistic and on an individual level to improve as a player by watching demos and hopefully learning from a decent igl in order to improve things like t sides on maps where I might currently feel awkward with no team experience, or general mistakes like not playing retake on ct when necessary or being too afraid to make a play when it's needed most.

Also, in case it wan't clear above, I'm available for practice on all weekends and from 4:30pm to 10:00pm AEST on weekdays.
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You play ESEA you needa get some stats other than mm etc into your post add that people might come you've had 200 views so ppl are looking just not finding the relevant information to say what ladder you belong in BOL
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Give him a chance he sounds dedicated. Can relate to what he's saying.
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