Vad3r LFT - Mid to high CGA

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Hey guys,

Who TF am I?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Look to keep this short, I'm an experienced player with far too many hours (2,924). I've played loads of ESEA and many of you might know me. I'm looking for a team to compete in leagues, however, am not looking for a 'shitbox' of a team that will disband in 2 weeks time. I understand that many of you might know I haven't played in CGO so abuse me if you feel like you need to, however, hmu if you have an experienced CGO team that's likely to place very highly.

- Can often clutch under pressure
- Thrive in a team with good working relationships, trust, and chemistry
- Strong awper, aggressive and passive
- Tap heads with m4/ak
- Strong pistol rounds
- Can provide tissues and a morale boost in stressful situations
- Understanding of the importance of communication, dedication, and teamwork

Steam -

Cheers BOL and hope to see you in the ladders!
Posted 2:55pm Jul 11th 18