Addressing some issues, for a better PUBG Experience for all.

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Hey all,

Recently we've had some alarming issues that need to be addressed regarding PUBG.

Duo League Update
The Duos league will still have 1 more week as unfortunately last week there were two things on at the same time and it caused problems for our league. We're not going to argue with anyone if they can't accept that what happened wasn't in our control. It's unfair for us to play 4 games with less than 40 people as that can change the whole league. We have stated that this is a test league and we could potentially make changes.

This is stated at the bottom of the CG Duos Bronze League information.

Threatening a staff member or abusing them is unacceptable and you'll simply just be issued with a ban for that type of behaviour. We will run 1 more week since we have technically missed out on 2 nights.

Here is a timeline of how it'll be in the upcoming weeks:
August 11th - Final week for teams to qualify for the finals.

August 18th - Night 1 for finals will be played (5 Games), 6:30PM AEST Lobby Opens. 6:45PM AEST Games will go live.

August 25th - Night 2 for finals will be played (4 Games), 6:30PM AEST Lobby Opens. 6:45PM AEST Games will go live.

CG Gold > CG Silver > CG Gold
Players may drop from CG Gold to CG Silver as long as the following requirements are met:
- The player cannot have played a single match in CG Gold this current season
- The player moving from CG Gold to CG Silver must remain on that CG Silver teams roster for a minimum of two consecutive weeks (They do not need to play, but they must remain on the roster)

If a player does not stay on the Silver team’s roster for the two week minimum then the player will receive a temporary CG Ban and will be ineligible to play in either CG Silver or CG Gold until the end of the season.
If the player who has moved from CG Gold to CG Silver wishes to move back to CG Gold after the two weeks, this is permissible however it will cost the CG Gold Team their Roster Change.

The following changes will also be added into the rule-set for the following season:
- Players from CG Gold who join a Silver team, cannot re-join their previous Gold team till the end of the season. This is to prevent abuse of using Roster Change allowances.
- CG Gold Roster Lock will occur at the start of the first CG Season 6 game (Whether CG Gold or CG Silver).

CG Silver and CG Gold subscription
It's simply not our job to keep everyone in line with their subscription. Each team is required to make sure their entire roster has an active subscription. If you are caught with a member(s) without a subscription by 7PM the following day (24 Hours) after a match has been played, your results will be voided.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.


The CG PUBG Team.
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