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Hey guys, I have decided to leave Xile esports. I enjoyed my time with the team and I am now looking for a team that's committed to the climbing the ranks. Very keen to play competitive with a decent bunch of blokes. I feel I could be a valuable asset to any team I play in. I am active (on most nights from 630 onwards) and I'm always down to practice/learn new things.

General Information
Would prefer to rifle. I am looking for a team that is keen to practice and develop together. I would like to be in a team environment where I am learning from my teammates and constantly improving.

Previous teams
Xile eSports: antw0n - Jordstar - Cazza - JSC - Niz
Invaders: antw0n - skarm - dewk - meLo - morris
Gamblor: antw0n - jacmac - davi - dapz - aspy

22nd Cybergamer Amateur Spring 2017
12th Cybergamer Summer Slam 2017

I believe I have improved a great deal over the past few months and I would be open to any team competing in amateur that is willing to give me an opportunity to prove myself. If interested add me here;
Posted 8:39pm Oct 11th 18
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extremely nice guy and relatively sharp. Mid-High A GL MAN
Posted 6:50am Oct 18th 18
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Dont know him too much, only got to play one scrim with him, seemed good and a nice guy
Posted 7:55pm Oct 18th 18