What's the point of demanding a response from PUBG Corp when you're only going to shit on it anyway

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There is a lot wrong with the game in its current state, and people are justified to be angry and upset that fixes haven't been implemented despite months of raising awareness. There is a lot that PUBG Corp have communicated in the past of "fixes" and "improvements" that never panned out, or somehow managed to break the game even more. There have been a lot of promises made that either intentionally or unintentionally have not been kept. PUBG Corp know that a significant portion of the original playerbase has left, the existing playerbase is dwindling, and a lot of people are losing interest in the game because of how poorly it plays in a lot of aspects. Whether through their own incompetence or through the sheer fact they have been overwhelmed and are essentially trying to rebuild the game from the base up, PUBG Corp have poorly handled the situation. But why the fuck are people expecting this manifesto of "we acknowledge the issues, we apologise for the issues, here's compensation for the issues, here's what we're doing to resolve the issues, this is the timeline we expect to be issue free" when it's just going to get completely shit on? Is the issuing of this manifesto going to improve the game in any way, shape, or form, more than if it had never been said? There's been two scenarios: PUBG Corp provides ongoing updates that things are "works in progress", something happens which sets that work back and people get pissed off and meme because they provided an update that "things are being delayed" (see: Server Maintenance). On the other hand, PUBG Corp says nothing, people get pissed off because "PUBG Corp is ignoring us", and then they get even more pissed off that the answer isn't what they want to here when PUBG Corp finally does say something. The public perception of PUBG Corp as a developer is extremely negative (see: Steam Reviews, Player Count, etc.) and in situations like this, actions speak louder than words and words are meaningless. There's no point promising things if nobody will believe you, and no point providing estimates if people are going to shit on you for having to readjust. If you want the game to succeed, you have to accept that it's going to fail a lot on the way there, so either sit tight through the ups and downs or find a more enjoyable ride.
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