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CGp Invite Announcement

Welcome all,

Today it brings us much pleasure to announce the four teams we have invited to compete in the CyberGamer Professional league for the Autumn season of CGPL. Much debate went into the teams who would be invited, so this thread will not only address the invited teams, but also the selection process.

Team Announcement

First off, we will kick it off by answering the long awaited question, who are the four invited teams? Join the admin team in congratulating the following four teams on their selection for CGp:

  • MindFreak
  • Tainted Minds
  • eXcellence
  • TBD (Eminence, Bacabec, Beastn, Killerpie)

Note: The order shown here is no indication of any seeding or order of selection.

Selection Process

I'm sure a few teams are currently very curious on how these teams were chosen and possibly even a little angry. The decision on who to invite was one that definitely wasn't easy, especially with the quality of talent in the ANZ region. To the teams that didnt make the cut, there is no disrespect intended towards your team, and hope that you will progress through the FFYI and you're present for the league. To answer the question on the selection process, teams were selected on past results and current pro point standings. Yes, we understand that the current pro point system is flawed (due to the fact no seeding occurred in the original tournament), however, it is currently the only ranking system we can use. To the teams that were not invited, these issues will be worked on and rectified for our own FFYI's, in which we aim to seed as many teams as possible to stop early round match-ups of teams who are deemed 'higher tier'.

To anyone who is wishing to seek other answers or further discuss anything, feel free to open a Support Ticket or DM me on twitter. We would also like to wish all people competing in the FFYI's and those that progress through to their respective leagues the best of luck for the competition ahead.

Many Thanks,
PS Admin Team
9 months ago