Astral Influence Winter Competition Groups/Schedule

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your patience. I have had to make some changes due to teams pulling out and having a random amount of teams entered. Time frames later in the day have changed. We still have 2 spots available to play and will take on the day entries. If you need emergency roster changes please contact me ASAP.


Check-in: 11am AEST @

Match Times
11:15am - VETOs will occur for match 1
11:30am - Round 1
12:30pm - Round 2 (VETO ASAP)
1:30pm - Round 3 (VETO ASAP)

2:30pm - Round 1 Finals (Single Elimination)
3:00pm - Round 2 Quarter Finals (Single Elimination) (2 games will be later due to Round 1 Finals)
4:30pm - Semi-Finals (Best of 3)
7:30pm - Grand Final (Best of 3)


Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Finals Bracket

Team Rosters

Velox eSports - Hexed TeXy Tigster3 MinTi obirenzz
Team Obsidium - clutchyyy Nope ATESY Dasher Klownie JP Catalyst
._. - Strat0s vvhatever kitteN sexhaver4200 r1z
Sunny Meadows - Wander Andrew Zilla Mentaljack Craftyyy
Outsider Esports - nniki, Mars, Kreepz, Zuko, Noodle, Trenty
Innervate - TeeeNTeee Lukken Bray Jevendale zpyhr
Tribal - jazyw0w JTR Rackem SenpaiMadara Samway
Cypher - DreaMj Razzamuffin Dankrupt BoLTz NoS FuSe
FragstorM - killswitch clarity Peach, Vannos, Def_Sydrome, filthy, Leighrex
Dislekek - Lukeysan Phrash Darknight2k Kezz Navero Farque
Raiders eSports - PingulsOP Magi Evs Uncene Nsayn D33Mo
(? ?? ?) - JuicyG BOWIE AERO- kujo youngkingdoinka pan1k wave
Caveman Mafia - Antidream deimon senfu scarface fletty
Dragoncry - Grubb Ukiyo Feurin IDK Brodi suspect
Polaris - Big O dR. Sethii Ulzzang Gamble
Platform Zero eSports - mastcks Fowl Andehhz Nyms Recoil hapo infer
Mystery Inc - Blurrberryz Bizkit Platinum rits Munchie
Deus Inferos Lux - RUSTY tsog iKry kS r0ckstar ReignOCE Haych
SaladFingers - xertz daT Flacon dirty pl1xx n1cknz
Defying History - scarzn, spacecadet, zkd, jimz, cosmo, fullcream
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well this is just very easy for me! good luck to everyone competing but just know i am gonna win!
Posted 9:23pm Jun 16th 18
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any spots left?
Posted 9:13am Jun 17th 18
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Glad i woke up at 8 Xd
Posted 9:23am Jun 17th 18
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Hi everyone,

Thanks for playing today. Congratulations to (? ?? ?) for winning the competition. I will be in contact regarding prize money over the week.

Not everything went to plan but everybody was upbeat and understanding.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Servers were a last minute thing we didnt realise some restrictions!
Posted 8:52pm Jun 17th 18