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Yeah soz mate, that entire thread is technical feedback on the new ladder/league software, I was very much speaking from how I was building the system to function for the future. I didn't realize people dont know that i'm not a CSGO admin and I hadn't consulted with any CSGO admins when I posted that message. The finals format is decided/posted before the start of the season and this system wasn't built until now, future seasons will now take advantage of it.

But I definitely assumed wrong in that post and I can understand why you feel misled. That said, my message pretty clearly said it was from a "technical standpoint" and that you should check with the CSGO admins.

Anyway, sorry about that and good luck in the finals.
Posted 2:14am Jul 18th 18
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Every season people complain about this and you guys just want to make the season faster make Finals over two weeks with semis and grand final set all the way at the start of the season.
Posted 6:20pm Jul 18th 18