Payouts for Winning teams :/

Payouts for Winning teams :/

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Hello Cybergamer!

In case you didn’t know my name is trapzy and I help at a nice little org called Xtreme! I’m quite a nobody in the scene, but I find myself still having fun around these parts. Before I say anything, I want to make sure you all know that I am not here to directly target anyone, team or certain website.

Today I am sadly here to hopefully find out why the Cybergamer Admin Team have such a lack of effort and commitment to paying out teams which have paid to play, and rank highly in their leagues. As said before I am not here to hate on Cybergamer but get an understanding on why this seems to be a struggle. To my knowledge winners of Cybergamer A/S haven’t been paid out since season 11 (I am unable to speak on the behalf of any other division winners and/or organisations as I honestly don’t know how it went for them) but I am sure other teams are waiting as well. I’m making this thread as a small organisation owner who feels genuinely bad for his players of the past who still haven’t got their winnings.

Maybe we can use this thread work toward a better way on paying teams out? Idk the way they are using now, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I would just put a support ticket in but it either doesn’t get answered or is replied 25 days later with ''working on it''. Thanks, and hope to get this solved for my little winners!
Posted 9:51pm Jul 30th 18
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We're waiting on our payment for CGA
Posted 10:00pm Jul 30th 18
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you won yesterday bro relax
Posted 10:11pm Jul 30th 18
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Still waiting on AEM lan payouts from March :/
Posted 11:01pm Jul 30th 18
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We have not been paid by a sponsor from Q1, which combined with the fact we couldn't invoice Q2 sponsors until after AVCon (last week) has made life much harder than usual.

I'm very sorry for the delays, we're paying people as fast as we can. AEM is a different story and was essentially funded by me personally to try and help your community, which was a mistake, it should have been cancelled a season earlier.

If you would like further information please open a support ticket.
Posted 1:28pm Jul 31st 18
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It took 60+ days for my team to receive some of 'The Big Wednesday' winnings ~$50.
Also my team hasn't received any winnings for the last season of CGA, nor any information on it.
Posted 3:08pm Jul 31st 18