PUBG Solos Fridays Free

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Noble Steed (0 users online)Yes
eQ. Gaming (0 users online)Yes
Massacre Klan (0 users online)Yes
Squad Keops (0 users online)No
Ammos (0 users online)No
Gosdep (0 users online)No
Asterix56 (0 users online)No
LiGHTS.oUT! (0 users online)No
Tournament Information
Ladder:Bronze Solos
Team size:Solo
Start Time:Friday 15th June, 7:00pm AEST
Teams Required:7/40 Max teams: 7/72

This tournament consists of 3 maps, you need to compete in all 3 to have your score recorded on the leaderboard.

You need to mark your team as Ready before the tournament starts. Late regos are open until the second map starts.

This tournament uses the standard CG Ruleset.

[removed]9:14pm 15/6/18

Everyone invite your friends next time

[removed]9:11pm 15/6/18


CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot6:59pm 15/6/18

Tournament has did not receive enough sign ups and has been cancelled.

Rooven6:53pm 15/6/18

Where are all the players at?

Rooven6:52pm 15/6/18

Well this suck's.........