Asterix56 is a PUBG team competing in Bronze Solos.

Total Score:300
Total Placement Score:270
Total Chicken Dinners:0
Total Top 3:0
Total Kills:6
Total Matches Played:3/0
Username Join Time Steam
Asterix (Captain)
In-game name: asterix56
8:33pm 27/5/18 1:4140956
Asterix56's Tournaments
Tournament Time Starts Time Joined
PUBG Solos Friday Free 324 days ago 329 days ago
PUBG Solos Wednesdays Free 312 days ago 326 days ago
PUBG Solos Sundays Free 322 days ago 322 days ago
PUBG Solos Fridays Free 310 days ago 311 days ago
PUBG Solos Thursday Free 297 days ago 297 days ago

Summary of your last 3 matches
From your last 3 matches you have played against 54 of the 95 teams competing in the season (57%).

You played against the following teams in all 3 matches: HohLee is shitYT (0th), kemorg (0th), Necrobutcher.XIII (0th), Cheesee (0th), Massacre Klan (0th), Gliderboyz (0th), San Holo (0th), PanSolo (0th), Metal Militia (0th), HamSolo (0th), The Cupcakes (0th), Pandemic (0th), Pandemic Black (0th), suhdude (0th), Tyrants eSports (0th), synergyy (0th), FallChaos! (0th), TeamRab (0th), Im nuts (0th), 1Tap Maybe (0th), som (0th), fart (0th), Nostam (0th), Nexz is a god (0th), Goreway! (0th), tuokuwot (0th), Daarsis is smexy (0th), Woodzy832 (0th), Weisy is a bot (0th), Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (0th), Ass 4 ssN (0th), Valhala (0th), kasun! (0th), nicoos (0th), EXTOL (0th), I have had better ideas (0th), HungSolo (0th), Ara (0th), Not a good idea (0th), The Best (0th), TLI (0th), MishkaAUS (0th), Mishka (0th), M3BF (0th), Fragger 4 TLI (0th), The DOUBLEJ_G (0th), DaddyBacon (0th), God101 (0th), LolCatIV (0th), Clairey (0th), Team Transcendence (0th), Muppets (0th), PoseidonWraith! (0th), DankBonkRipper78 (0th)

You played against 0 teams (0 unique) ranked in the top 8.
You played against 0 teams (0 unique) ranked 9th-16th.
You played against 162 teams (54 unique) outside the top 16.

The average rank of your opponents was 0th.