Rainbow 6 | Siege

Season 6 PC

PC LIVE 5v5 Comp 440 players

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Game admins:
Syris-DragZnvendrDiaBloodhound Competition Rules
Season Information
League with custom rules.

All players require an active subscription subscription during all matches.
Group 1: Round 1
Sunday 5:00pm February 17th to Saturday 11:00pm February 23rd
Extricity vs Mindfreak7:30pm 23/2/19View
Dark Sided vs OTG Esports (0-1)10:00am 1/1/70View
Villa 1-0 win to OTG Esports
Team Esper vs Avant Gaming6:00pm 26/2/19View
Lowkey Esports vs Gentlemen in UnderwearTBAView
Group 1: Round 2
Sunday 5:00pm February 24th to Saturday 11:00pm March 2nd
Mindfreak vs Dark SidedTBA
Avant Gaming vs ExtricityTBA
OTG Esports vs Gentlemen in UnderwearTBA
Team Esper vs Lowkey EsportsTBA
Group 1: Round 3
Sunday 5:00pm March 3rd to Saturday 11:00pm March 9th
Mindfreak vs Avant GamingTBA
Gentlemen in Underwear vs Dark SidedTBA
Extricity vs Lowkey EsportsTBA
OTG Esports vs Team EsperTBA
Group 1: Round 4
Sunday 5:00pm March 10th to Saturday 11:00pm March 16th
Gentlemen in Underwear vs MindfreakTBA
Lowkey Esports vs Avant GamingTBA
Dark Sided vs Team EsperTBA
Extricity vs OTG EsportsTBA
Group 1: Round 5
Sunday 5:00pm March 17th to Saturday 11:00pm March 23rd
Lowkey Esports vs MindfreakTBA
Team Esper vs Gentlemen in UnderwearTBA
Avant Gaming vs OTG EsportsTBA
Dark Sided vs ExtricityTBA
Group 1: Round 6
Sunday 5:00pm March 24th to Saturday 11:00pm March 30th
Mindfreak vs Team EsperTBA
OTG Esports vs Lowkey EsportsTBA
Gentlemen in Underwear vs ExtricityTBA
Avant Gaming vs Dark SidedTBA
Group 1: Round 7
Sunday 5:00pm March 31st to Saturday 11:00pm April 6th
Mindfreak vs OTG EsportsTBA
Extricity vs Team EsperTBA
Lowkey Esports vs Dark SidedTBA
Gentlemen in Underwear vs Avant GamingTBA