Getting Started
Hey there and welcome to CyberGamer! First off, it's great to see you're finally here and we hope this is the first of many more visits to come. Now because we don't want to bore you to much with massive walls of text, here's a link to the About Us Section. Anyways, let's get on to the more important things like getting you set up to browse, play some games, meet some people and spend hours upon hours trawling through all the fun and interesting topics in our forums.


To become a cool kat like the rest of us firstly you need to create an account (uhhh... derr). Follow these steps if you get a bit stuck.

So you will see in the top right the option to 'register'. Yep you guessed it, you click that!

That will take you here in which you need to fill out the submission form. It's suggested that you fill the information out to the most accurate you possibly can. Also alternatively you can connect via Facebook. This will simply link your account to your Facebook and auto-fill any information obtainable through your Facebook account. Simply click on the 'Create Account via Facebook' on the left hand side. Once you have done this, well, that's it!


So located in the top right of your screen you will see a 'My Profile' icon. Hovering over it will give you the options you can see in the image above. Let's start to get your profile setup and make you look the part with the relevant information required on your profile.

To edit you profile you will notice the 'Edit Profile' button on the right hand side.

Firstly you will see this window appear. From here you can navigate to the different areas of your profile that you to edit. Lets select General Setting for now and have a look.

This is the area where you can edit your default game and default platform. The website relies on you to have these selected correctly in order to offer you the most optimal experience based on your preferences. Please choose these correctly otherwise you may blow the website up! Actually no you won't but you definitely won't be getting far without them chosen!

As for the other 2 editable options, they will allow you to set your forum avatar, how you wish to view the forums and a bunch of other really cool stuff. Have a squiz at it all and make sure you setup your profile in a manner that will make your time on CyberGamer the most enjoyable it can possibly be.


The site is massive and has that many alleys and avenues that to begin with, may be daunting for some. Have no fear though because, don't worry we got dis.So lets start off with the basics of the site. The 2 main areas of CyberGamer are the games section and the forum section. Your 2 main focal points for your own ease of access are the smart bar located at the bottom of your screen and your profile link located in the top right. Lets cover those to begin with.

This is what we call the Smart Bar. The Smart Bar allows you to view any recent updates to anything you have subscribed to, shared, tagged and many more options the site offers. Clicking the world globe will bring these up. Also new to this version of the website, we have added in a calendar that automatically marks down a ton of cool features such as friend's B'Days, matches you're in. promotional activities and the list goes on. The TV will also be a cool way for you to kick back, open a stream and do your thing on the website whilst having a gaming stream going on in the background. Lastly is the friends section. Now what would any social website be without the ability for you to add your mates and chat to them whilst setting up matches or posting on their walls or forums threads they have created. It works very similar to most other sites that have a similar function. You can add friends by navigating to their profiles and accept invites by clicking the envelope. To close the friends tab simply click on the image of the 3 portrait heads.

Secondly is the 'My Profile' drop down window. This will show some really neat stuff and save you the hassle of taking the long route to links you would normally be visiting on a regular occasion.

Now you know where to go to make your ability to navigate the site super quick, let's touch on probably the second highest aspect on CyberGamer, Our forums


By clicking on the 'Forums' icon located directly below the CyberGamer logo in the top left, you're taken to the main forums section. From here you can see all the forum categories and decide where you want to post or what topic you wish to visit and have a look see.

Secondly you can use the 'Forum Activity' section located on the right hand bar on any page on the website. You can filter the forums down to best suit your taste and interests and then manage any new or subscribed content from this area. th 'Threads tab, will show you the latest thread. The 'Posts' tab will show you the latest threads with posts. The 'Hot' tab will show you the threads with the highest amount of activity. And lastly, the 'Watch' tab will show you the most activity in threads you have subscribed to.

Once inside the forum you desire you can either click to the big red 'Create Thread' button on the right or go all the way down to the bottom of the page and start typing away.

Ok so we've covered your profile and the forums. Now lets get down to business and get you setup to play some games! Next we will go over the Games and how to get amongst it all.


So now the fun begins! Obviously the name CyberGamer, implies something about games right? Ok, well then lets start on getting you sorted to create your own team, full of your own mates. If you wish to simply join an existing team then we will explain how to do that further down in these guidelines.

Firstly you will notice a range of games CyberGamer supports on your selected platform. However the fun doesn't stop just here. If you select 'All Games' in the bottom right of the drop down window, it will take you to a list of every single game we support in some form of competitive play.

Once you click on your desired game it will alter to window to appear like this. In the top right you will notice a 'Create Team' option.

Upon clicking this you will be taken to this area in which you simply need to fill out the submission form with your relevant preferences and guess what?! You're good to go!


Here's an example of what a standard team page looks like. You have your own personal wall, contact info, ability to add albums and many more features. Lets touch quickly on how to edit your team. Click the 'Edit Team' option to get started.

In here you have a heap of different options. The important ones being on this tab. Make sure you setup your team to best suit your needs and also in a manner that will allow people to recognise who you are and what you wish to achieve whilst competing on this website.


Creating your own team might not be the path you wish to take in your competitive gaming journey so of course, you can always try your luck at joining an existing team.

We'll go through how to do that in a bit but also note that making use of the forums and creating a 'LFT' thread (Looking For Team) is also a great idea. Navigate to the correct forums associated with the particular game you're interested in and go for gold. Make sure you check out any stickied (meaning they always appear at the top) threads for guidelines or help on what to include in your thread. Anyways, lets look at the buttons you need to press to apply for a team.

All you need to do once you have found the team you wish to join is simply click the red 'Apply To Join' button, fill in your application with any relevant info and walah! You're done! It is now up to the team to decide whether or not you are the kind of competitor they're looking for.Some teams will at times disable the option for people to apply, just keep that in mind you cannot see the option.


So now it's time to get down and dirty and prove your worth as a competitive gamer! Let's highlight the most important things you need to know when sending and accepting challenges on your desired ladder.

Firstly it's worth noting there's a ton of variations to the competitions on CyberGamer. These range from but are not limited to:
League Play - In this environment your matches will be set for you. Sometimes a preset time based on a schedule or sometimes forcing you to complete the match within a set time frame. Leagues are usually the pinnacle of competition for a game and usually include a prize pool.
Ladder Play - Probably the most common theme amongst our more casual ladders. They allow you send times within a period and choose the most optimal times for you to compete. They can hold prize money but for the most part they're an introductory competition of that specific game title.
Elo Play - Instead of your simple standings 1st 2nd 3rd etc this type of competition calculates a number for you against your opponents on how you perform against others on the ladder. Usually coupled in with a turbo scheduling systems (allowing for near immediate matches to play if both parties agree) they are most commonly used for qualification into a bigger event or simply if the Game Admins feel the time restrictions shouldn't be as strict as they normally are.

Sending out a challenge is quite simple (like most things around here!). All you need to do is make sure you're looking at a team you're eligible to challenge (usually check the rules tab for this information) and you simply hit the challenge button next to their name. If there's no challenge button then obviously you don't meet the requirements to challenge that team.

Once you have challenged a team you will be taken to this window where you must send the best dates and times for your team to compete. You will notice the criteria down the bottom which will stipulate what you need to offer in order to make the challenge acceptable. We always say more is better. The more times and dates you can offer then the more chance there won't be any issues come game day.

Accepting a challenge from another team is quite simple. All you need to do is either check your Smart Bar or Team page and you will see a notification. Clicking on it will take you to this screen and simply hit the 'Accept/Decline Match' button. Declining will cancel the challenge but be aware there is usually ramifications for doing so. Don't worry, you're not in big trouble however please make sure you read the specific rules of the game so you know what hitting decline will do.

In here you simply need to select the date and time you wish to play and go from there. Make sure you discussed this with your fellow team mates beforehand and you can field a full team come game day. Yes we can alter matches but bear in mind that instigating any alteration will mean that if it's not applicable to both parties, you will be held accountable for it. Once done then your match will be automatically setup and all you should stay aware of is the match chat for any communication and also the criteria on the left hand side on how to create the match or join the match.


Yep the kinda boring stuff but we do need to state it and it is highly recommended that you read through it.

The support is pretty important to us. If you have a legitimate query, problem or website specific information, we want to hear from you. We take pride on not only providing our players with a central hub for all their online needs but also communicating and knowing our player base. Never hesitate to contact us through the support system, especially if it's of a serious nature or concern.

Secondly is the Anti-Cheat Policy. This is VERY important for you to read through. Whilst cheating is cheating, sometimes the interpretation for certain rules may not be as clear as aimbotting or wall hacks. This is why you need to read through the policy to ensure you understand exactly what is acceptable and what is not.

Thirdly is the T&C's. And to be quite frank, yep, they're terms and conditions just like every other website in the world! Have a read through and make yourself familiar with the unique terms.

Well that's basically it! Sure, there's tons more features on the site but those are the basics. Hopefully you now have a great understanding of the fundamentals of the site and are ready to go have an enjoyable, social and humorous adventure on our website. From all the staff here at CyberGamer, we wish you the best of luck!

CyberGamer Staff.