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GUID: eb47312e
Full GUID: f7ad04f3a42b83e0ac1e1bcbeb47312e
Location: AU Australia, South Australia - Norwood
Alias: /rconasterix.
CG Username: Asterix
Seen:166 times, 26th Sep 2010 to 9th Dec 2011
Played:3 Days, 8 Hours
CG Standing:Loading...
CG User:Asterix
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Aliases Used
/rconasterix. 2d /asterix 14h tLR. ASTERIX 7.5h
|^^^| Donald the Madman 6h cg* asterix. 1h AAARGHCON. CAPTAIN HOOK 19m
/5rconasterix. 15m /rconasterx. 10m /rcnasterix. 5m
/McDreamy 5m /rconsterix. 5m /conasterix. 5m OK 1 3.0 1 (W... 5m
Seen in Servers
AU CG Booking - forluls
43h AU CG Booking - forgiggles
AU CoD2 Server
5h AU CoD2 Server
AU CGo - Schutz Staffel vs FragnatiX Gaming
4.5h AU CoD2 Server
AU FragnatiX Gaming
1.5h AU - CoD2 Server 3
Most Recent GEO Locations [Beta]
11:30pm 9/12/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Norwood
11:08pm 6/12/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Norwood
4:44pm 6/12/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Norwood
1:27am 6/12/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Norwood
6:31pm 1/12/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
6:53pm 29/11/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
9:07pm 27/11/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
6:38pm 25/11/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Murray Bridge
6:17pm 23/11/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Norwood
7:29pm 20/11/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Norwood
11:21pm 19/11/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Norwood
7:13pm 15/11/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Norwood
10:39pm 14/11/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Norwood
11:14pm 13/11/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Norwood
5:03pm 11/11/11AUAustralia, South Australia - Norwood
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Game Alias GUID / STEAMID Count
pc cod Call of Duty 2 AU /rconsn@p! 6d39fab9 50
pc cod1 Call of Duty 1 AU /rconasterix. 9d4dcc79 11
pc cod Call of Duty 2 AU /rconasterix. c5b87e3f 11
pc css Counter-Strike Source AU Cyanide. STEAM_1:0:161037355 10
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU AsterixTest cd43cd23 10
pc cod5 Call of Duty: World at War AU Asterix ccd9dc77 10
pc cod Call of Duty 2 AU /rconasterix! 3085e55a 10
pc css Counter-Strike Source AU rcon Asterix STEAM_0:1:4140956 10
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU /rcon.asterix 80ea512c 10
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU Kasterix e2a93c20 10