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Ranking: #82
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Last Time: Won (16 - 1) View
Rivalry 1 wins
Streak 0
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Ranking: #61
Wins 0
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Last Time: Loss (1 - 16) View
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Who do you think will win?
50% Ourania Esports
50% Aussie Underdogs
8 Votes
Match Details
Match ID: 724434
Match Status: Completed
Competition: CS:GO Open Ladder
Match Time: 1/9/16 - Thursday 8:30PM AEDT More
Played: 417 days, 11 hours, 49 min ago
Min Notice: 12 Hours
Challenge Created: 9:58pm 29/8/16
Sent By: Cheriesaurus at 9:58pm 29/8/16
Accepted By: poam at 5:07pm 30/8/16
Game: PC, Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Challenger: Ourania Esports
Defender: Aussie Underdogs
Map: de_mirage
Post Match Results
Ourania Esports submitted: Cheriesaurus(9:05pm 1/9/16)
Ourania Esports Scored: 16
Aussie Underdogs Scored: 1
Aussie Underd... submitted: poam(9:00pm 1/9/16)
Ourania Esports Scored: 16
Aussie Underdogs Scored: 1
Post Match
Winner: Ourania Esports
Ourania Esports: 16
Aussie Underdogs: 1
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Name Time
CSGO TV 8:30pm 1/9/16
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Ineligible players are only allowed to play with the explicit permission of the opposing team (they should post in the match private chat before the match). Playing an ineligble player without permission may result in the match being forfeited. It is not the other teams problem to check your roster and ensure all are eligible.
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