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We Welcome Battalion 1944

in PC by Cyanide. - Feb 2nd 2018

With the just released open beta of Battalion 1944 we are excited to announce we will be having full support across all CyberGamer regions ( Aus, NA, EU).

Kicking off on the 14th Feb we will be starting our free to play open ladder for teams to get right into the action with some prize money and also with the support from Bulkhead each region will receive 5 x war chests for the top 10 teams.

CyberGamer League of Legends 2018 Roadmap

in PC by FlyingFinn - Jan 22nd 2018

Firstly welcome everyone to 2018! We at CyberGamer are excited to announce our League of Legends plans for the upcoming year, a very important stepping stone for us and our continued growth.

At the core of our plans is still our classic Open Ladder (CGo), allowing teams to be able to join throughout the year and take part in organised, grassroots competitive LoL.

CGPL Autumn Rocket League Information

in PC by Cyanide. - Jan 19th 2018

Welcome back guys and we are looking forward to an exciting year of Rocket League at CyberGamer.

We are aiming to bring some consistent competition for players of all skill levels from seasoned players through to people who want to try their hand at competition for the first time.

Beta Key Giveaway

in PC by Cyanide. - Jan 19th 2018

Hey guys,
We have some beta keys to give away. 5 in total. Read below for more details.

Battalion recaptures the core of classic competitive shooters & refines the 'classic' FPS feel for the next generation. Focusing on 5v5 infantry combat, where precise flick shots with your Kar98, covering fire with your Thompson and fluid movement are key to clutching every round for your team.

SC2: Legacy of the Void Season 1 Information

in PC: Starcraft by Cyanide. - Jan 17th 2018

Welcome back guys and we are looking forward to an exciting year of StarCraft II : Legacy of The Void at CyberGamer. We are proud to announce three seasons over the course of 2018 all free to play and with $1,000 prize pool each season.

CyberGamer Partners with AMD

in PC by Cyanide. - Jan 15th 2018

We are excited to announce that CyberGamer has partnered with AMD as a major sponsor for 2018. We have had a long-standing relationship with AMD which spans back to the very origins of our community. In the early days of building the site, we approached a number of companies looking for support and AMD was among the first to see the potential of Esports and help as grow.

CGPL Autumn - Amateur Information

in PC by Cyanide. - Jan 14th 2018

CGPL Autumn 2018 is right around the corner and we are excited to get things moving! Once again CGa is open for all who wish to participate!
Remember we have made a few slight changes to the CGa System, with VETOs being added to the BO1 format, where each team will VETO down until one map remains.

PUBG Squads FPP CGi Qualifiers Update

in PC by Asterix - Jan 13th 2018

Hello everyone, the qualifiers for CGi are scheduled for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday this week from 7pm AEDT (BO5).

Please complete your signups with your completed player rosters by tomorrow at 8pm AEDT. We are unable to accept any signups after this cut-off. Minor player adjustments may be allowed, provided the player has not played for another team in the qualifiers... please contact me if needed.

You should join either or both qualifier 1 and 2:

Please only signup if your team would be able to complete the entire CGi season.

Based on your team and player performance in the previous season, and relevant other recent competitions we will slot you into one or more of the qualifiers. We will aim for the first two qualifiers to be roughly even in terms of skill. The 3rd qualifier is a bit of a wild-card because it is guaranteed to not have the best 6 teams, but also has the 7th-12th teams auto assigned to it.

We will announce your assigned qualifier (if accepted) by Monday morning. If you require further notice for other commitments please contact me today and i'll try and confirm you.

As posted in the existing thread, the first two qualifiers will have 18 teams and will elect 3 qualifiers each. 4th/5th/6th will be auto entered into the 3rd qualifier on Thursday as well as an additional 10-12 teams. The 3rd qualifier will elect enough teams to bring the total number of CGi teams to 18, currently this would be the top 3 teams of the 3rd qualifier, but there is the potential for the 4th team to also qualify.

This format allows a maximum of 46 unique teams. Assuming we accept/receive only 20-30 unique teams as planned then most teams will be assigned qualifier 1+3 or qualifier 2+3.

Finally, as updated yesterday, CGi will have $4,000 in prize-money and requires all players to maintain a premium subscription for all matches. You are gifted 2 weeks free as soon as you join/create a PUBG team. And as per the road map post, the following season will very likely have offline/LAN finals and qualifying for this season will give you an advantage for the next season. There is intended to be no qualifiers next season, only relegation up/down from CGa. The only entry into CGi in the future is via CGa.

PUBG season update - prizemoney

in PC by Asterix - Jan 12th 2018

Hello everyone, we've received permission from PUBG Corp to offer prize money for PUBG. This change will also require all squads players to have an active CG premium subscription to compete in all matches, including qualifiers and finals.

All PUBG players will be provided with roughly 2 weeks of CG premium due to the late notice. It will expire on the 31st of January, after it expires you will need to subscribe to continue competing.

The prize money for the season will be allocated as follows:

CGi / Division One ($4,000)
1st: $2000
2nd: $1000
3rd: $500
4th: $500

Qualifiers signup here:

CGa ($1,750)
1st: $500
2nd: $250
3rd: $200
4th: $200
5th: $150
6th: $150
7th: $150
8th: $150

Click read more for more information

CGPL Autumn 2018 Promotion/Relegation Series...

in PC by CS:GO Admin - Jan 1st 2018

Any team which participated in CGp, CGi, CGm or Top 8 CGa last season MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM to participate in qualifiers or retain their spot in a division: Signup Form Teams eligible for a pre-qualifier must also complete the form. Failure to do so by the deadline will result in teams missing out.

Click read more for more information

CyberGamer 2018 Roadmap

in PC: General by Cyanide. - Dec 31st 2017

2017 Wrapup
Before I move on to what lies ahead for 2018, I want to take a moment to thank the players, supporters, teams, other tournament organisers and staff for their efforts this year. Above all I want to extend a personal thanks to the volunteers of CyberGamer who once again have done their part to shape Australian Esports.
A special thank you goes out to the companies who have shared our passion for esports in 2017 and continue to support the scene at every level.

Lastly I would like to thank the admins who have helped mould the scene and work so very hard every week.

AEM Season 4

in PC by Asterix - Dec 31st 2017

Sign up here

Season 4 is brought to you by MWAVE, AMD and ORIGIN.

Signups are open now and will close on January 14th.

Late regos will then be open for 7 days, teams that late rego will need to play their first match on or before Sunday the 21st to be accepted.

Throughout the season you will play 1 match roughly every 4-5 days. The season will have 9 rounds of swiss. Thus receiving 7 wins will qualify you to the LAN Finals, and receiving 6 wins will mean you make play offs.

The LAN finals are scheduled for March 23-25th in Adelaide at the CG Studio, 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, SA.

Click read more for full info.