This ladder uses the CyberGamer Anti-Cheat Policy with the following alterations:

Category 2

Infringement: Playing whilst ineligible
A player who does not have their SMITE player name listed on their CyberGamer profile is ineligible to play in any CyberGamer SMITE OPL Match. A CGp player who does not have their UAC ID linked on their CG profile is ineligible to play in any CyberGamer Smite or ladder match.

Category 4

Infringement: Smurfing
This involves having multiple CyberGamer accounts in order to be in multiple teams at once, playing for a league or ladder team which you are not a member of, or attempting to alias as another player in order to play during their CyberGamer match. This also includes using a SMITE account with a username different to the one listed on a players CyberGamer profile, selling a SMITE account on CyberGamer, or, using a bought SMITE account in a CyberGamer match. If a player is found to be smurfing again during their ban period, they will be in breach of the 'ban evasion' rule. Smurfing yet again during this time will guarantee a player a permanent ban.


It is a requirement of being a member of a team on a CyberGamer SMITE Pro League that the ingame name name of the SMITE account that you will use for CyberGamer matches be listed on your CyberGamer profile within the SMITE username field. Players who do not have their SMITE username listed correctly on their CyberGamer profile are ineligible to play in SMITE matches on CyberGamer. Teams found to be attempting to play with ineligible players during the pick/banning phase of a CyberGamer match can be forced to forfeit that match by their opponents (screen shot evidence should be provided). Please note however that a game can not be later disputed due to someone playing without a ingame name listed on their CyberGamer profile.

1. Definitions:
  1. Challenging team - This team "Challenges" the other team.
  2. Defending team - This team is the "Defending" team. They must host the game, they also choose which side they want.

2. Sportsmanship:
  1. Un-sportsmanship like behaviour during, prior or after matches will not be tolerated by CyberGamer. CyberGamer suggests that all teams conduct themselves accordingly. If a player or team is found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct, punishments will be issued.
  2. Abuse directed at a player or team in game will be reviewed and acted upon accordingly this includes but is not limited to any Racial Comments or Abuse towards a specific player or the team.
  3. Admin abuse will not be tolerated, any abuse towards an admin will result in the offender being banned from the Pro League and any CG events.
  4. Spam laughing and taunting within a game will not be tolerated, will be reviewed and acted upon accordingly.
  5. Each player shall use his or her best efforts to report any Bugs found immediately at the end of each Game. Any player knowingly using one (1) or more Bugs to his or her advantage will be punished accordingly.

3. How to Create a Game:
  1. Join a Game by clicking on play, move down to Custom, select Join game, Click the show private games button and look down the list for your server name.
  2. Create a Game by clicking on Create Game in Custom.

4. Game Options:
  • Name: Determined by Team Captain
  • Password: Determined by Team Captain
  • Region: Australia
  • Pick Method: Draft with eight (8) bans total
  • Party size: 5v5
  • Allow Spectators/Record Demo
  • Spawn Lane Minions
  • Starting Level: 1
  • Starting Gold: 1500

5. Server Settings:
  • Name - CG Challenge Name Vs Defender Name
  • Password - CG generated passwords must be used. These can be found on the match wall at the bottom of "Match Details" section on the left side of the page, next to "Discussion".

6. Game Rules:
  1. All games will be Best of one(1).
  2. No exploits are allowed, An exploit will result in a forfeit.
  3. You must field five players per game. Unable to field a roster of five will result in a forfeit.

7. Win Conditions:
The winning team is determined by either the completion of the objective (defeating the enemy Titan), enemy team surrendering, or a team being disqualified.

8. Challenge Rules:
Teams may not challenge the same opponent team twice in a row.
Teams can be in 2 set matches at the same time, 1 from being challenged(defending) from an opposing team and one from challenging a team.

9. Teams:
  1. Each team must consist of five (5) core players , and a maximum of two (2) substitute players
  2. *Each team is given 5 core changes to their line up. Before the start of the season the core 5 players must be set on the team page.

10. Replay IDs:
  1. Replay IDs must be posted by the captain of both teams immediately after the conclusion of a match.
  2. Replay IDs must be entered into the match chat PRIVATE chat
  3. Replay IDs are not permitted to be shared with anyone one out side of the administration team.

11.Screenshot Rules:
  1. Each team must take a screenshot of the Banned and Selected Gods in case of disconnects or a player leaving.
  2. Each team must take a screenshot of the "Total Score" at the end of the match and must keep these screenshots in case of a dispute.
  3. If a dispute is filed and a player refuses to submit their screenshot, the match will be overturned and bans may be issued.

12. Disconnections:
  • In case of any of the following problems the teams must restart the lobby and pick/ban up to where it was interrupted.
  • Server Crashes: A permanent connection loss of one or multiple players due to an issue with a server. If this occurs and is not resolved in time then dispute the match and request a reschedule.
  • If an unintentional disconnection occurs within 5 minutes from the start of the match & before first blood (which ever is first) then the match must be restarted. Otherwise if the unintentional disconnection occurs after those milestones, the game will continue as normal. The crashed player may reconnect into the game as soon as they are able.

13. Delay of Match:
  • The Defending team must create the Lobby within 5 minutes of match start time. If the Defending team does not create the Lobby within 5 minutes of match start time they will forfeit. The Challenging team must provide screenshot evidence to show the match was not created. Both the Teams must have 5 players in the Lobby at 15 minutes past the start time. Any teams who do not will forfeit.

14. Match Pausing:
  1. A combat pause system has been built into custom games, all pauses that successfully go through the client will be considered valid. The SMITE client does not allow teams to pause during any sort of combat or skill channeling.
  2. The Game will not resume (/pause) until an agreement between both team captains via private message in game is reached.
  3. If any player pauses or unpauses the game prior to reaching an agreement with the opposing teams captain, it will be considered unfair play.
  4. Each team is allowed a maximum of three (3) pauses per Game. Each pause cannot exceed more than three (3) minutes. A team may keep the game paused when the timer for the first pause has run out and the timer for the next pause will start.
  5. Teams may not use their pauses for a disconnect/error from the opposing team.

15. Lobby Rules:
  1. After bans/god selections have been made teams may NOT sub players in/out.
  2. If a player disconnects due to PC/connection issues that same player must reconnect or picks/bans selections must be restarted. Any teams who sub players during the selection process will forfeit the match.
  3. If a player disconnects due to PC/connection issues before picks and bans are completed, the same picks and bans must be selected from both teams.

16. Reschedule:
  1. If the SMITE client is Offline you must contact an administrator to arrange a reschedule of the match.
  2. Reschedules for any other reason is not permitted, if core players and / or substitutes are not available a forfeit will be given.

17. Player Rules:
Team Captains are responsible for ensuring all members of their team understand and follow these rules set forth by CyberGamer. Violation of any requirement listed here will result in the suspension of the offending player(s) as well as other match penalties as determined by SMITE administrators. If you do not understand these rules clearly, it is YOUR responsibility to seek clarification from a SMITE administrator.

18. Player Conduct:
*Any offensive behavior is strictly prohibited and can result in being disqualified from the
game, league, tournament or CyberGamer depending on the severity of the issue at hand.

19. Player Knowledge:
*Players are responsible that they know, and understand all the rules. It is also their responsibility to check the rules often to see if there are any changes. Not "knowing" will never be an accepted excuse.

20. Selling of Accounts:
If a player attempts to sell his or her SMITE account on CyberGamer, That user will receive a 1 month forum ban and (If the account is bought) the player buying the account will receive a 3 month Forum Ban. Attempting to buy accounts, players will receive 1 day forum ban and if continues the length will increase from 1 day to 1 week then to 1 month and if continues admins will discuss a permanent ban.
If a player successfully sells their account they will receive a 3 month match/forum ban and if the player who bought the account goes to use the account in a CyberGamer match, that player will receive a 3 month match Ban.

21. International teams:
CyberGamer competitions are open to all residents and teams with in the Oceania region. A list of eligable countries can be found HERE

22. Casting:
Live streaming of official SMITE Pro League matches is not permitted and includes players streaming their own matches. Official streams can be found at the channel.

23. Disputes:
A dispute can be made if a player/team has been disruptive/breaking any rules. Please only dispute a match if you have evidence/logs to support your dispute. A false dispute will be dealt with by the admins potentially resulting in a match ban.

24. Dispute Process:
All disputes made by members of the leagues will be attended to, not necessarily resolved, within a timeframe of one [1] day. We endeavor to make the decisions as quick and as conclusive as possible, but teams and players need to recognize the workload that exists for admins. Teams are not to contact or hassle administrators by private message or any other means unless requested by an administrator or the offender will be banned. If you can't wait for administrators to resolve the dispute patiently then DO NOT dispute the match and/or take the loss. All dispute chat is to be left within the dispute and not posted on the public forums or elsewhere.

25. Evidence:
Submit all evidence relevant, administrators should not have to ask. All teams that are requested to submit information/screenshots/replay evidence are expected to do so within twenty-four [24] hours.

26. Mutiny
In the unlikely event of a mutiny, players can request to have the captain removed at any time. All requests must be sent to a senior admin and must contain the following information:

Team name (with link):
Name of Captain (to be removed) (with link):
Name of new Captain (with link):
Name of yourself and your alias (with link):
Detailed reasons for the mutiny

Rule Violation & Punishment

Breaking of the rules, foul play, poor sportsmanship, match fixing or ignoring the order of an admin may result in a punishment. Type and amount is chosen by an admin.

Possible Team Punishments

Default Loss / Null Game
Ban from future CyberGamer competitions

Possible Player Punishments

Temporary match/forum ban from CyberGamer
Permanent match/forum ban from CyberGamer.

Important definitions:

Game: A game is defined as a standard SMITE Conquest 5 v 5 and begins in the picks and bans phase. A game ends once one of the two teams is victorious via either a successful surrender vote or destroying the opposing team's titan.

Match: A match is a Best of 3 series of SMITE Conquest 5 v 5. A match begins the beginning of the week of when the match is expected to be played and concludes at the end of the same week.

OPL: Oceania SMITE Pro League

Eligibility rules:

3 Core Members Rule: In order for teams that qualify for the OCEANIA SMITE Pro League to remain eligible, they must retain 3 members of the starting line up that qualified for that position. The teams from PAX that are automatically qualified must have 3 members that were on their main roster that event on their starting roster for Week 1. The teams from the Qualifying tournaments must have 3 members that were on their main roster on their starting roster for Week 1. During the split, a member who plays in more than 50% of the games for their team becomes a core member. Between splits, placement in the relegation tournament is reliant on having 3 core members on the main roster. All members who are on the main roster for the relegation tournament become core members for Split 2.

Relegations Eligibilty: Teams MUST play a minimum of 4 matches in the Challengers Cup to be eligible to play in the Relegations tournament. Any team in the top of the ladder that has not played 4 matches will not qualify.

Sponsorship Rule: Sponsorship may occur at any time before/during the qualifying tournaments. After the qualifying tournaments, teams and organisations have until the end of week 1, Sunday the 13th March to reach agreements, after which time team names, logos and clan tags will be set for the remainder of the OPL. During Week 1, teams/organisations have until Wednesday the 9th of March 2016 to at the very least give notice/disclose that some agreement is being reached to CyberGamer admins in order for the sponsor logo, team name and clan tag to be broadcast that week. After this date, sponsor name, logo and clan tag will be broadcast starting in week 2.

Clan Tags: All teams participating in the OPL, Challenger's Cup, relegations and qualifying tournaments must be using the same Clan Tags in game.

Skins rule: Skins will be allowed during the CC with the following exceptions:
All Gold, Legendary, and Diamond skins
Dark Lord Sun Wukong
Nutcromancer and Galactic Ah Puch
Starslayer Anhur
Death Machine and Feaster Bunny Bakasura
Secret Agent Apollo
Sunstar Ra
Grim Shadow Nox
Grim Weaver Arachne
Chronos 64
Recon Artemis

Any skin may be banned at any time by an Admin's discretion. Team's playing a game when this decision is made will not be affected by this admin ruling until the conclusion of that game. Check this page regularly.

Name Rule: A player must retain the same in game name throughout each split if they play in Challenger's Cup, OPL and Relegations tournament. Players may change their name between the qualifying tournaments and the OPL/Challenger's Cup, between OPL/Challenger's Cup and Relegations and after relegations preceding the next Split.

Issues/Disputes: If you have any questions, problems, queries or concerns then please contact an Admin by putting in a Support Ticket using the CyberGamer Support System.