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- Compete in our CGa, CGm, CGi and CGp pro leagues. Listed below
- Compete in exclusive premium only tournaments with cash prizes!
- Play in more PUGs and Tournaments
- Receive instant CG notifications via SMS text messaging!
- Stand out in the forums with huge forum signatures!
- Gain site-wide PREMIUM status
- Support CG's development!
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CyberGamer Pro Leagues

All of our leagues listed below require an active CyberGamer Premium subscription throughout the duration of the season. View the league page(s) and our forums for the prize pools for each season.

CGaNo entry fee
CGm$10 fee per player at start of season.
CGi$15 fee per player at start of season.
CGp$15+ fee per player at start of season, varies greatly depending on game.
Subscription Duration Price
7 days$5.95 (special)
1 Month$14.95 ($14.95 / Month) (most popular)
3 Months$41.85 ($13.95 / Month)
6 Months$77.70 ($12.95 / Month) (best value)
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Monthly Top
UserReg Date
Hoodz_AU 27/12/11
raging Knights 9/3/18
Summit Gaming 2/4/18
nniki 27/11/15
BlackJackFx 28/2/12
semtexcc 12/8/12
deadsouL 26/7/09
Surge AtoM 6/10/16
towski 1/5/16
6 Months Top
UserReg Date
BonezOnly 14/1/18
BlackJackFx 28/2/12
hewZ 13/9/14
MozzieAu 26/6/15
KudaKarma 15/4/16
swede:) 2/11/15
SAIIL 28/4/10
BRADRATT 29/5/16
Surge AtoM 6/10/16
towski 1/5/16
Most gifted premium
UserReg Date
-tweaK 19/4/10
Es Samapa 16/1/15
ends 15/12/12
SuperNova 23/9/10
NoGym 16/5/13
Comet 13/12/09
SKINZy 9/8/08
Polter 20/8/16
#OMEN 8/9/08
Kza 13/2/12